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Sealing Technology: Seal of damage to the hydraulic equipment
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Mechanical processing industry, a wide range of hydraulic applications, such as various types of semi-automatic hydraulic lathes. The machine in use, such as the impact of frequent, reptiles and other faults, diagnosis and maintenance, often in the hydraulic control elements (such as various types of pumps, valves) can not find cause of the malfunction, resulting in maintenance trouble. The ultimate failure of such components is often found in the implementation of the reasons that the cylinder piston sealing elements due to severe wear. Such phenomena especially "O" ring see more. Example 1: a program-controlled hexagonal CB3463-1 semi-automatic turret lathe, in the course of the emergence of turret can not adjust the feed rate of the fault phenomena, after the closure of valve 2 is still crawling, pediment, and has been to the bottom of the tank to stop the machine unusable. Inspection and Maintenance: Check all hydraulic control components, especially the speed components are not found any problems. Replacement of some of the control valve, fault not been eliminated. After dismantling the tank after that the piston "O" ring badly worn, so that each cylinder in the two chambers of hydraulic oil due to channeling. Analysis of the reasons, as "O" ring wear, cylinder rod chamber rodless cavity gap increases with the exchange, when you close the control valve 3 and valve 2, is equivalent to cutting off a cylinder rod chamber back to the circuit. In theory, the pressure oil into the cylinder rod chamber, the piston to form a thrust F none, so that the piston rod chamber to move the production trend, because the cylinder rod chamber back to the oil shutdown, the oil chamber the rapid formation of back pressure, so that the force balance across the piston stationary, then there is F = F No, no oil pressure due to the piston chamber force area varies, that is, P a "P-free. In practice, the gap due to the formation of two-chamber cylinder exchange, the oil pressure cylinder cavity with high pressure zone to the low pressure area from the trend of flow, flow of a generation, a lower chamber pressure P, P no higher role in the Pistons two No side thrust F "F are, loss of balance piston rod chamber to move the search for a new balance point. So forth, the piston has been moved to a force barrier to stop. The phenomenon of the maintenance work to the machine is a big influence, the replacement of cylinder piston "O" ring, the machine failure to eliminate, running back to normal. Example 2: a CE7120 hydraulic copying lathes, appears in the work cited by the sword-line profiling tool slide switch to vertical feed cutting knife, resulting in knife fight, spent living phenomenon frequently, the machine does not work. Inspection and Maintenance: Check the hydraulic control components no failure, maintenance work temporarily into the blind spot. Dismantling the turret vertical cylinder, piston seals found in "O" ring OD has been removed, also found that the size of the piston cylindrical sub-requirements (machine tool manufacturing are the reasons), the radial direction than the standard size 0.8MM, piston and large cylinder body clearance, resulting in two vertical cylinder chamber exchange channeling oil. Maintenance, replacement of the piston and the qualified "O" ring knife after the machine troubleshooting. Analysis of the reasons cited by the sword in line profiling tool carrier in place of the moment, the whole by a knife thrust F ', after the decomposition of the force has a horizontal force acting on the vertical cylinder piston rod F'1, and at the same time, the electromagnetic valve 34E1-25B work connected to the vertical cylinder rod chamber pressure oil control valve rod connected to the return oil chamber, the piston rod chamber by the force F consists of two partially completed, one for F'1, the other is F1 = A1P1, where A1 is the force rod cavity area, then F = F'1 + F1. Under normal circumstances, the piston under the action of F in the force rod chamber began to move, due to incompressibility of hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil pressure chamber rodless abrupt increase in the formation of back pressure to the piston, piston control valve by the force balance steady speed it is set to go knife. The moment due to the role of% F'1, vertical cylinder cavity pressure P2 will be greater than P1. In practice, the fuel tank due to space channeling two cavities, in the P2 "P1 the moment, there is hydraulic oil chamber from the high pressure area to the area of low pressure rod rod cavity flow trends, mobile once produced, P2 decreased, P1 increased, F1 increases, the piston forces out of balance, the piston rod driven turret cavity to quickly move. The instant after the knife down by the end of copying, the role of the vertical cylinder piston in the horizontal thrust F'1 go away, fast-moving piston end of knife blade tends to go smoothly, the phenomenon of the end of knife. Above two cases troubleshooting method has been proved many times in practice, maintenance of good results.

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