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PDMA EC 2007, mould of 2007 Philippine machine tools and metallic treatment indu
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PDMA EC 2007, mould of 2007 Philippine machine tools and metallic treatment industry are exhibited

Extend meeting time: 2007-8-25 of 2007-8-22 ~
Run a country: Philippine
Hold a city: Manila
Exhibit house title: Manila world trade centre
Release time: 2007-1-24 14:17:00
Postpone meeting brief introduction:

Chinese ginseng of respect postpones business:

Hello! Thank you very much to PDMA EC 2007 -- mould of 2007 Philippine machine tools and the support that the metal machines industry to exhibit and interest!

I manage is Philippine mould and metallic treatment association ( dot of Chinese direct contact, accept what all China postpone business to attend PDMA EC -- 2007 exhibition reach visiting application, also be China exhibits the approach signing up with the directest business, exhibit business to attend PDMA EC for China -- 2007 exhibition offer advantage.

PDMAEC, 2007, mould of the 3rd Philippine machine tool and metal machine industrial exhibition, will in August 2007 22-25 day is held in trade centre of Manila Manila world, it is current east alliance provides major of dimensions machine tool to exhibit most one of, also be industry of Philippine native land the biggest machine tool, tool, mould is exhibited, this exhibits 2 years to be held, exhibit the domain such as course of study, mechanical equipment can be machined in the metal contribution is larger and larger, show current and newest machine tool and pattern in the round kind product and the crucial element that its serve and technology.

Element has " Asian latin america " those who say is Philippine, it is the Asia is on industrialized viatic developing country the earliest, its replace industrialization to transform to what export industrialization from the entrance, make the industry such as nearly 20 years of Philippine electrons, semiconductor, auto industry, plastic chemical industry swift and violent development, to the treatment such as machine tool, tool and mould equipment grows ceaselessly. Be in Philippine, almost all electronic product parts, machine tool, mould, tool, crude oil, machine, facility for transporting, iron and steel should rely on an entrance. As Philippine the biggest machine tool industry is exhibited, before PDMAEC attracted the manufacturer of country and the area such as Taiwan of Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, chinese mainland, will join exhibit, be east major of first-rate of allied country home purchases platform. According to data of organizing committee statistic showed 2005, on one is exhibited of the meeting postpone business, nearly 200 when come from Philippine mainland and abroad, the person that come round to look around and be purchased has 5500, among them the majority is company president and technical policymaker, they come from respectively Philippine reach east of allied country home and area purchase business. Predict the ginseng of PDMA EC was exhibited 2007 business and purchase chamber of commerce to break up one time, should be being exhibited can be Chinese enterprise the trend is Philippine reach market of East Asia, South Asia optimal channel.
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