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Machine of construction machinery of international of the 3rd Jiangsu, project r
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Showpiece time: On November 24, 2007- - 26 days
Nod showpiece: Jiangsu Nanjing
Exhibit house title: Nanjing international exhibits a center (dragon coil road 88)
Showpiece content: Construction machinery: Instrument of motive of station of burden of conveyer of station of agitate of machine of raise of construction machinery of machine of crane of construction elevator, crane, tower crane machine, tower type, borer, picket, building , mixer, concrete, concrete pump, concrete, pattern plate and repair machine, coagulation, 掁 , scaffold is buckled.
Municipal engineering is mechanical: Machine of project of machinery of road bridge facility, excavating machinery, broken machine, earth-moving machinery, squeezing ramming, picket, lifting appliance, road surface lades, machinery of booth shop cut, flat, bulldozer instrument, underline the machinery, machinery that build the bridge equipment, rock drilling machine and pneumatic are versed in.
Construction is special car: Bulk cement carriage car, concrete carriage car, carry pump car, railroad lay a railway track site of car of clear block of command car of car of project of conserve of special vehicle, road surface, traffic, road, construction is car of special vehicle, aerial work truck, dump, oily fill car, all sorts of combustible explode easily liquid special type.
Project material: Net of solder of 絲 of line of grain of steel products of concrete of modified bitumen waterproof, prestressing force, steel, steel, ground tackle, reinforcing steel bar, steel is protected bar, earthy labor synthesizes material to wait.
Spare parts reachs device of relevant form a complete set: Original part of system of pressure boost of the plant of power of form a complete set of machine of project of of all kinds construction, internal-combustion engine, derv dynamo, gear-box, transmission, turbine, hydraulic pressure, change machine, project to unifinication of tube of tire, high pressure, Electromechanical yuan all sorts of parts of an apparatus, engineerings are mechanical casting die of spare parts, pneumatic, fluid, hydraulic. Instrument appearance, detect technical equipment and facilities of special production treatment. Protective equipment of security of construction of electronic supervisory system, project management and control system software, construction, . The project contracts company of company, construction inspect grain.
Sponsor an unit: Jiangsu province builds project management board
Jiangsu saves industrial economy federation
Support an unit: Federation of Chinese industry economy
Jiangsu saves aid trade commission
Undertake unit: Nanjing phoenix shows limited company

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