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2007 China (Guangzhou) international water congress and pump valve. Conduit. Ins
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Exhibit can basic message
Exhibit meeting name: 2007 China (Guangzhou) international water congress and pump valve. Conduit. Instrument. Appearance applies exhibition
Exhibit meeting address: Center of conference of international of Guangzhou white cloud
Extend meeting time: 2007-9-5 comes 2007-9-7
Sponsor an unit: Sponsor an unit: The country develops and reform committee Economic system and administrative institute
Association of Chinese science and technology
Assist run an unit: International water association
International desalination association
Support an unit: Japanese Water Supply Association
Association of Chinese current machine
Association of catchment of Chinese town water supply
Chinese desalination association (prepare)
Association of Chinese section water
Undertake unit: Course of study of grand of Beijing world rich can exhibit limited company



Contact information: Course of study of grand of Beijing world rich can exhibit limited company
Location: Road of Henan of bright horse of area of Beijing rising sun 2-15-1C of building of office of personnel of diplomacy of 14 towers garden Postcode: 100600
Phone: 010-85323281 Fax: 010-85323276
Contact: Pan Guangli Mobile phone: 13521772131
Congress network address: HTtp://
Exhibit can basic message


Join conference representing
1. Environment of country and natural resources of local director water, water and the leader that section water works and researcher
2. The program that visits town each, municipal construction, environmental protection, lead that gives catchment designing institute and water Wu bureau reachs project technology personnel
3. Academician of desalination of international water association, international, the delegate of area of etc of association of Chinese town water supply, Chinese desalination association and Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Europe
4. The representing of orgnaization of place of courtyard of organization of business of the project technology personnel of company of domestic and international famous water treatment and water Wu company, investment, trade, scientific research, news waits
Congress program
3-4 day reported for duty in September
In September report of 5-6 day opening ceremony, congress, seminar
The project looked around on September 7 make an on-the-spot investigation
Congress place
Center of conference of international of Guangzhou white cloud
Address: Phone of the 1039-1045 austral highway of Guangzhou city white cloud: 86-20-86194021
Meeting theme
One, management of assets of industry of policy, code, water and trend of operation pattern international
1.Current situation of Chinese water Wu reachs the strategy that answers lack of water natural resources
2.Countrywide water price always is watched
3.Ability effect is balanced (Benchmarking) the concept reachs his to carry out
4.The development mode of water Wu enterprise and good luck
5.Water Wu projects financing strategy and development trend
6.The risk that invests operation business to enter market of Chinese water Wu and answer strategy
2, sewage disposal and time with
1.The tradition handles technical aggrandizement
2.Mud handles a technology
3.Industrial waste water processes new technology and its application
4.Bad smell of sewage treatment plant handles a technology
5.Sewage answers good grain technology
6.The application of velar technology
7.The program of large sewage treatment plant, design and its project manage.
3, drinking water and industry exceed simple water treatment
1.Of traditional waterworks upgrade to transform and run government; Tap water breaks out the lash-up of incident to handle a technology;
2.New-style film technology processes medium application in waterworks;
3.New-style disinfection technology applies mediumly in waterworks;
4.Safety of tap water water supply reachs his to run administrative technique;
5.Reverse osmosis, EDI is in industry is high pure the application on water treatment technology.
4, operation of all of water system giving a platoon and management
1.Match the water quality of the water in water system all
2.Sewage collects systematic management and operation
3.Water works moves to manage with the system
4.Of sewage treatment plant move with management
5.IT and establishment management
6.Water the concept of stabilization plan and carry out
7.Sudden incident processing and water safety ensure establishment.
5, equipment of new-style lash-up water treatment and technology
1.Technology of water supply of lash-up of communal sudden incident reachs device;
2.Equipment of water supply of field exploration lash-up and technology;
3.Equipment of water supply of natural disaster lash-up reachs a technology.
Conference paper is collected
1. article uses Word documentation please, make clear the full name of paper speechmaker and place unit name.
2. specification: Article dimension: 23.5cm(is long) × 16cm(wide) ; Headword date: Small 2; Text: 5, row spacing: 20 pounds; Word number: 5000 words less than.
3. hands over means: Use email means please, mail comes
4. paper hands over date of expiration: On June 30, 2007.
Meeting Wu charge (contain meeting Wu cost, food expenses, data cost, look around inspect cost to wait) :
Member delegate is not member delegate
1, foreign delegate: 450 U.S. dollors / person 1, foreign delegate: 500 U.S. dollors / person
2, domestic delegate: 2000 yuan of RMBs / person 2, domestic delegate: 2300 yuan of RMBs / person
Note: The conference unites arrangement accommodation, charge provides for oneself
Extend meeting program
On September 3, 4 days of 08:30-17:00 report for duty, cloth is exhibited
On September 5, 7 days of 09:00-16:30 kick off, exhibition, negotiate
Ginseng extend range
1. Sewage disposal (time with) general and mechanical equipment: Canal of pump valve, path, instrument, appearance, air-blower and compressor;
2. Sewage disposal (time with) special and mechanical equipment: Grille is divided corrupt machine, leave equipment of aeration of the equipment, machine that blow mud and thickener, machine suction mud, surface to wait except arenaceous machine and arenaceous moisture;
3. Water treatment (time with) supervisory equipment: Sampling of water pollution content and monitor lash-up of contamination accident of special apparatus equipment, environment to monitor instrument equipment;
4. Water treatment (time with) : Drug reachs filter capable person;
5. Industrial waste water, sewage handles a technology to reach relevant advisory service;
6. Water supply catchment fastens all and relevant technology equipment.
Film and detached technology equipment
Film and velar component
The production technology of film and velar component and make with equipment
Velar raw material and auxiliary equipment
The whole set device of membrane separation plant
Technology, material, test is installed related membrane separation plant buy
Clean water equipment reachs device
Clean water, mineral water is made, equipment of fill outfit, disinfection
Family expenses, business is used, industrial clean water implement, soft water implement equipment and equipment
Why to attend China (Guangzhou) international water congress and exhibition?
International organizes those who reach a government to support energetically: Current exhibit what can get home concerns the international such as branch and international water association and international desalination association to organize each to support energetically.
Have the international grand meeting of consequence most: Take the east wind that congress of water of world of Beijing of international water association held successfully 2006, current mass rally will be to have the Chinese characteristic, water industry grand meeting that has dimensions and effect most most.
Huge market: In the near future inside, china will give birth to the respect such as voice protection to have huge investment in water pollution processing, water. This will sufficient be pregnant with an opportunity of tremendous market of Chinese water Wu.
Guangzhou -- potential water Wu market: Guangdong is one of areas that Chinese economy developeds most, shortage of water natural resources has become the bottleneck that restricts economic progress, solve problem of shortage of water natural resources, already extremely urgent. Guangzhou also is one of precursory cities of mode of economy of executive China market at the same time. This congress is held here, imply is far-reaching.
Visiting organization
1, place of courtyard of company of engineering of waterworks, sewage treatment plant, water treatment, scientific research, universities and colleges, designing institute
2, industrial user: Drink of printing and dyeing of oil refining, chemical industry, pharmacy, spin, papermaking, food, steely, electron, power plant
3, global buy the home: Company of imports and exports of investment firm agency, agent, trafficker, international
4, relevant government official and media
Exhibit a norms and rate
The standard exhibits an expense that rent (9m2)
Member company is not member company
1, foreign capital enterprise: 2880 U.S. dollors 1, foreign capital enterprise: 3200 U.S. dollors
2, domestic company: 8000 yuan of RMBs 2, domestic company: 8800 yuan of RMBs
Smooth ground exhibits an expense that rent
Member company is not member company
1, foreign capital enterprise: 280 U.S. dollors / smooth rice 1, foreign capital enterprise: 320 U.S. dollors / smooth rice
2, domestic company: 800 yuan of RMBs / smooth rice 2, domestic company: 880 yuan of RMBs / smooth rice
Note: The standard exhibits a standard configuration: One Zhang Zhan desk, two chairs, lintel of Chinese and English company board, shoot the light 2, electrical outlet of 220V power source, unfurl a rug.
Ginseng extend a program
1. ginseng exhibits application form to fill in please complete ask a fax to come to 86-10-85323276 or E-mail;
2. organizing committee is in receive " ginseng extend application form " hind, will with ginseng exhibit business to sign " ginseng extend a contract " ;
3. ginseng exhibits charge to be able to collect through the following channel to the organizing committee:
(2) bank telegraphic transfer money:
Open an account row: Branch of Beijing of Guangdong development bank founds a state road subbranch of a bank
Account: 137041518010005253
Door renown: Course of study of grand of Beijing world rich can exhibit limited company
After remit charge, reach fax of bank money order bill please 86-10-85323276, so that the organizing committee is checked;
Proceedings of a conferences reachs advertisement
1, exhibit meeting proceedings of a conferences to will publish all ginseng freely to postpone manufacturer directory and company brief introduction. Literal content by ginseng exhibit business to offer (the character is restricted 500 words less than) . Advertisement is published to accept freewill principle in proceedings of a conferences, layout and rate are as follows:
Cover pulls a page (color) ... 20000 yuan
Back cover (color) ... ... 15000 yuan
Inside front cover (color) ... ... 8000 yuan
Inside back cover (color) ... ... 7000 yuan
Insert one (color) ... ... 6000 yuan
Other foldout (color) ... 5000 yuan
Black and white full page... ... ... 3000 yuan
Note: Carry, after the relevant matters concerned such as accommodation arrangement signs up, inform separately.
Assistance program
2007 China (Guangzhou) international water congress and exhibition offerred numerous conduct propaganda to extend opportunity and assistance pattern for the sponsor, each sponsor can select right assistance kind according to respective demand:
Assistance choice:
Diamond sponsor 800 thousand yuan of RMBs are restricted only 1
Gold sponsor 500 thousand yuan of RMBs
Silver medal sponsor 300 thousand yuan of RMBs
Bronze medal sponsor 100 thousand yuan of RMBs

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