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Project of Libyan in December 2007 international reachs fair of trade of energy
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Showpiece time: On December 10, 2007- - 13 days
Nod showpiece: In Libyan Li Bo (Tripoli) Libya
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Showpiece content: Content of item on display: Libyan international project reachs oil, fair of trade of natural gas the sources of energy: Basically reach oil with international project project, natural gas, power energy resources is central theme:
★ key theme exhibits one: Project of Libyan international project (building and building materials) Infrastructure Libya:
▲ project project serves business and contractor, build provider of building materials equipment: Libyan infrastructure project (highway, railroad, haven, the airport) , construction of water conservancy project, power project project is built, reach oil, project of natural gas project; Facilities of Libyan construction project (civil building, building materials) .
★ key theme 2: Libyan international oil, natural gas, electric power reachs new energy resources: Energy Libya
▲ international is famous Petroleum Company; ▲ oil, equipment of natural gas machinery: Exploration, exploitation, wildcat, oilcan, conduit () , electric equipment of explosion proof of conduit machinery, industry, cheer machine, pump, valve, compressor, sky to divide equipment, pressure vessel to wait; Instrument appearance: Measure metric instrument, screen pack, screen mesh to wait; The technology serves: Survey, mapping, abstraction, liquefacient, solder, quality detects, project of the technology such as control of discharge velocity of flow, oil depot, safe, call the police, conduit circuitry detects reach protection, fire control to call the police safety of equipment, industry and labor protecting material; Product of all oil, natural gas. ▲ power energy resources: Generate electricity equipment: Power station, dynamo (group) be defeated become electric equipment, superhigh pressure, tall, medium, low pressure is defeated change cable of switch of low pressure of electric equipment, distribution facilities, transformer, high school, electrician and electric machinery equipment, wire;
▲ new energy resources: Solar energy, smooth hot season, reach all sorts of clean the sources of energy. Irrigation works the sources of energy; Nuclear energy source;
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