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Equipment of machinery of Chinese lukewarm state reached component exhibition 20
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Equipment of machinery of Chinese lukewarm state reached component exhibition 2007
Exhibit meeting address: Conference of international of Chinese lukewarm city exhibits a center
Begin time: 2007-10-18
End time: 2007-10-20
Sponsor an unit: Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference
Undertake unit: Machine gold is mixed in trade limited company
Exhibit meeting content

2007 China (Wen Zhou) mechanical equipment exhibition and fittings of mechanical equipment of the 3rd China International and component exhibition

Assist run an unit: Beijing is new base company of engineering of hydraulic pressure pneumatic

Support an unit:

Goods and materials of electric power of Chinese irrigation works is current association China housing materials is current data of association China metal is current association

Limited company of fittings of Electromechanical of the coal in service center of fittings of equipment of metallurgy of association of Chinese iron and steel industry

Support media: Total network of machine of China of intranet of Electromechanical of China of net of Hui Cong of net of Chinese machine classics

Electromechanical business signs up for " Chinese Electromechanical industry " magazine trade hurried is met Beijing branch " dispatch of trade of classics of association of diplomatic mission trade "

Exhibit meeting general situation:

Exhibit meeting setting and characteristic

1, incomparable international appeal

Exhibit meeting the corresponding period to hold " equipment complement of China International machinery and component are purchased negotiate meeting " , chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference will use its huge network natural resources and appeal power, invite France, Germany, United States, medium inferior, the international of the country such as middle east is made reach current business to attend a meeting, undertake " man-to-man " negotiate purchase; In the meantime, will raw material and component purchase business, supplier to show relevant product in great quantities, exhibit an enterprise to provide an understanding for domestic ginseng, infiltrate the auspicious good chance of the international market.

2, huge component demand market

Exhibit meeting seat------Wen Zhou, be industry of Chinese industry production get military region region, its radiate is whole delta of the Yangtse River, have 21 states level to produce base, annual realizes total output value three yuan. Already formed reach a powerful person of whole set, pump with high low-pressure electric equipment, presswork treatment of machinery of package machine, food, curry machinery, mould, steam rub deserve to make wait for all sorts of machinery to make the industry that is bibcock group, most enterprise is in an industry to upgrade, the period of high speed dilate that the technology innovates, the equipment of mechanical form a complete set with a large number of of all kinds and advanced demand reachs component product, offerred tremendous business chance for form a complete set of domestic and international industry and component production company.

3, of professional high quality look around purchase a group

Exhibit meeting the corresponding period to hold annual for a time " the 4th machinery purchases Ministry of Supply to be met all the year round " and " form a complete set of mechanical Summer 2007 industry orders goods meeting " , gather company of production of numerous home large scale main computer purchases a minister, look around order goods;

Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference jointly with domestic and international much home guild forms a delegation look around, the guild such as mechanical, coal, metallurgy, water and electricity, building materials, chemical industry organizes course of study of much one's line outstanding production company and component purchase business to attend a meeting purchase negotiate.

4, postpone meeting promotion plan strongly

★ exhibits meeting early days to hold professional media press conference

Website of 80 professional media releases ★ exhibit can timely information

1 million email sends ★ to purchase business to major regularly

★ mails 30 thousand invitation, 200 thousand pieces visit certificate, invite sincerely domestic and international well-known company to look around negotiate

★ is stationed in through each country China diplomatic mission, chamber of commerce, association publicizes promotion, invite international well-known company ginseng is exhibited look around

5, seasoned advocate undertake unit

"Fittings of equipment of China International machinery and component exhibition " held 2 successfully already, sponsorring square China mechanical Joint Industry Conference is the bibcock association of mechanical industry, with domestic and international guild, enterprise connection is close, have extremely powerful appeal force and force. Undertake square in machine gold and trade limited company are had do for years exhibit do meeting experience,

Constituent program major is efficient.

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