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Weather strip of pneumatic of hydraulic pressure of the 4th Asia and empty press
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Exhibit meeting address: Guangzhou international conference exhibits a center (wide hand in meeting Pa continent exhibit a house)
Begin time: 2007-12-4
End time: 2007-12-7
Sponsor an unit: Union of machinist trade of government of Guangzhou city people, China
Undertake unit: Guangdong can exhibit promotion limited company (member of IAEM of institute of international exhibition government)
Exhibit meeting content

Alliance exhibits meeting: Exposition of machine of CONEXPO Asia project

Sponsor an unit: Chamber of commerce of imports and exports of mechanical and electrical products of American equipment Manufacturers Association, China

"2007 China (Guangzhou) exhibition of international of weather strip of hydraulic pressure pneumatic and air compressor " the GIMEE that holds with government of Guangzhou city people the 4th China (Guangzhou) Manufacturers Association of exposition of manufacturing industry of international machinery equipment and American equipment (, will enjoy at the same time come from respect of CONEXPO project machine and GIMEE30 the whole world that the industry creates equipment field purchases business. Exhibit this can set beforehand exhibit an area 100 thousand ㎡, end to sign up to the end of April business area has exceeded 60 thousand ㎡.
Exhibit meeting conduct propaganda, much channel is all-around strong promotion, implement specific aim extremely
※ carries professional magazine, newspaper, Internet, TV, broadcasting station, short message group foldout of straight mail of hair, advertisement, phone mail, advertisement, before exhibiting, preview, exhibit can sign up for only and the phone is communicated wait for a way, can undertake to exhibiting all-around propagandist promotion, draft a clique to develop meeting entrance ticket 500 thousand pieces.
※ extends more than 100 meeting general and more than 200 professional magazine, professional website and collaboration of more than 50 masses medium, form propagandist alliance, the plan publishs advertisement to reach release exhibit meeting information 400 much edition / , can undertake to exhibiting all-around much channel publicizes promotion.
※ force seeks project machine, construction machinery, machine tool, plastic machinery, press business is purchased to form a delegation outside industry and the condition such as machinery of machinery of instrument, spin, metallurgical industry, package machine, food, petro-chemical, medical treatment, electric power, car look around, purchase.
※ is used undertake the data of business of many 20 industry in unit database, invite global major audience to attend a meeting look around negotiate.
※ is stationed in network of orgnaization of business affairs of each country embassy and dealer of action of condition inside and outside to invite professional audience through China.

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