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08 Las Vegas concrete world and exhibition of international construction machine
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Showpiece time: On January 22, 2008- - 25 days
Nod showpiece: The United States. Las Vegas
Exhibit house title: Lasiweijiasihui exhibits a center
Showpiece content: Content of item on display:
Concrete agitate carries car, pump car, pump
Of all kinds goods: Component of goods of block of commodity mortar, concrete, concrete, painty
System of station of centrifuge of machinery of production of concrete block, tile, mixture agitate machinery, sanded stone, agitate, burden station, automation
Pump sends mechanical, cloth machinery, eject machinery, pouring equipment, metric equipment, oscillatory equipment
Cut, solder, circle the steel bar processing machinery such as silk, the construction machinery such as scaffold equips
Powder mortar produces equipment and control system
Additive: Of all kinds additive, adscititious material, additive produces technical equipment
Detect, experiment instrument: Equipment of analysis, metric, testing instrument, experiment check tests agent and material
The surface defends technical equipment: Waterproof, repair, stick receive the technical equipment such as sealed, conserve
Other construction equipment
Sponsor an unit: Heart of American Halley five shows a company
Support an unit:  
Undertake unit:  
Assist run an unit:  
Contact an address: Road of 3 lis of rivers builds Beijing Haidian division 9 numbers ministry power can amount to room of office building 109-212
Zip code: 100037
Contact: Bridge gentleman
Connect a telephone call: 010 – 51295359 turn 8501
Fax: 010-68311134
Mailing address:
Network address:  
Relevant content: Extend meeting time: In January 2008 22 - 25 daily name ends: Exhibit order end
Exhibit meeting site: Lasiweijiasihui exhibits a center
Hold cycle: Annual
Sponsor an unit: Heart of American Halley five shows a company
Chinese group exhibits: Beijing is gotten collect international to show limited company
Postpone meeting introduction:
"Concrete world and international construction machinery exhibit Las Vegas " it is the world and international construction machinery exhibit the biggest concrete on international, heretofore holds 32. Exhibit can exhibit a company to hold by American Halley Wood, in world concrete production, equipment is made reach industry of relevant construction machinery to have force. In the meantime, exhibit the IBP exhibition that can be American Department of Commerce, it is the United States exhibits a magazine to judge the 20th big exhibition that give. Exhibit can attract the major that comes from global each district to buy the audience such as the home, technologist to amount to 60 thousand more than person, it is the optimal commerce platform of technology of each country concrete and equipment.
The United States is the market of the biggest building building materials on the world, because American government encourages living suburb to change, estate is built and the market rises to play the requirement that changed primary building materials thereby continuously in the United States exuberant, and concrete serves as a building most fundamental raw material, as the residence building and industrial architectural go tall and demand increases impetus swift and violent, bring about the building materials that the United States included the field such as concrete 2005 to always import the forehead to be 48 billion dollar thereby.
Reviewing of previous term or session:
Exhibited an area 2007 90, 000 square metre, postpone business 1, 700, attract the major that comes from 125 countries to buy the home and audience to add up to 100, 000. 

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