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Industry of international of Chinese · Nanjing equiped 2008 exposition
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Begin time: 2008-09-25
End time: 2008-09-27
Hold a place: Nanjing country exhibits a center
Contact: Zhang Yan
Connect a telephone call: 025-83229051 025-83227379
Sponsor an unit: Jiangsu of Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference saves mechanical Joint Industry Conference
Undertake unit: Nanjing East Asia can exhibit service limited company

One, authority is sponsorred

The industry of Chinese Nanjing international that by Chinese machinery Joint Industry Conference sponsors equips exposition will in September 2008 25-27 day is in center of Nanjing international exhibition to hold, exhibit meeting exhibit 1200 times in all, the 1200 square metre outdoor, set machinery to exhibit area, automation exhibit machine of area, project area, integratedly to exhibit the sources of energy of electrician of area, electric power to exhibit an area to wait for a few to exhibit an area.

Chinese mechanical Joint Industry Conference (ministry of industry of former state machinery) the orgnaization that is mechanical industry authority, main member comes from society of machinist job major and regional association, intermediary orgnaization, direct indirect member 70 thousand many.

Federation is with promoting machinist trade oneself, implement the policy policy of party and country in order to carry out, reflect the opinion of the member, desire and demand, offer a service to be a tenet for government, industry, enterprise, it is the bridge ligament that contacts government and company, it is the give advice assistant that assists a government to begin an industry to work.

2, market analysis

China builds project machinery industry, all previous classics 50 old development, had grown to comparative to have dimensions and the important trade that expand vigor flourishingly. Push forward China has the market of vigor most, china's largest manufacturing industry base, open grows the golden key of trigonometry business chance.

Develop quickly continuously as economy of our country countryman, the urban construction of our country got flying development, 並 will continue to accelerate development in order, the manufacturing trader that this gives bridge of machine of municipal construction machinery, project, road equipment and special car, agency brought market opportunity. Jiangsu is China creates base of manufacturing industry of big province, world-class, long triangle industry upgrades pace is accelerated, line of business of heavy chemical industry is strong rise abruptly. Exhibit during can be being held, meeting " 915 " plan, a lot of main project projects will enter equipment type selecting to prove level. Jiangsu and even complete China's inflexible to building a project demand will increase considerably, relevant equipment demand is driving, having wide market perspective.
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