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Component of machine of time of 2008 suitable Germany is purchased can be worth
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Begin time: 2008-11-03
End time: 2008-11-05
Hold a place: Suitable heart exhibits a center
Contact: Collect gentleman
Connect a telephone call: 0757-22201102
Sponsor an unit: Fosan city arranges chamber of commerce of manufacturing industry of equipment of heart area machinery

The Guangdong that regards Chinese manufacturing industry as the center has the complete and mechanical equipment that has an effect quite in the whole nation to make an industry, and one of base of 3 old equipment manufacturing industry suitable heart has dimensions division of tremendous group of 5 old mechanical equipment. And the area that height of such a mechanical equipment production industry develop is about to greet him internationally mechanical component is exhibited. The component of machine of time of 2008 suitable Germany that by machinery of area of Fosan city suitable heart chamber of commerce of equipment manufacturing industry sponsors purchases exhibition to was about to be in center of suitable heart exhibition to hold on November 3. This second exhibit can get Guangdong saves mechanical guild He Shunde coming from the main support of economic Board of Trade.

Exhibit the international that can be located in high quality scales surely large business affairs can be exhibited, meaning making a brand-new communication commerce platform, to suitable heart area numerous and mechanical equipment makes enterprise and business of production of international home component offer concentration to reveal, the development communication, opportunity that trades immediately. To achieve this one goal, better exhibit enterprise and professional audience to provide relevant service to join, the suitable heart that exhibits meeting general to be in a center of Yu Shunde new the city zone exhibits a center to hold. The traffic condition of quick advantage also is the one large dominant position that should exhibit a house, exhibition place all needs car Cheng 60 minutes only to urban district of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, exhibit sponsor during the meeting square more offer whole course move back and forth freely bus. At the appointed time, whole the use that suitable heart exhibits a center to will open investment to purchase exhibition this internationally in the round.

Because reflected clear area fixed position and the professional level that can exhibit internationally, component of machine of time of 2008 suitable Germany purchased exhibition to get industry each favour of big company, include Xi Menzi, Shi Naide, Wei De hundreds international such as Miller, ATOS is famous the business is vigorous devoted ginseng is exhibited. Statistical data showed the basis 2007, arranged what equipment of heart area machinery creates a company to purchase the forehead to be 40 billion yuan last year, this one dimensions already was our region supplier what cannot satisfy far is giant purchase demand. Those who predict suitable this year heart creates a company purchase the forehead to spend growth still will maintain on the foundation here, the huge market that international machinery component purchases exhibition to be this one professional domain was offerred show a product in the round, both sides of supply and demand negotiates, then the opportunity of promotional understanding.
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