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Jiangxi " 915 " will cast construction of sewage treatment plant of 360 million
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Jiangxi province government passed recently " about raising public service level, a certain number of policy of stimulative society harmony " the concrete step that put forward to strengthen environmental protection. The construction that in " 915 " investment uses 360 million yuan at handling a works to town sewage undertakes Jiangxi general award. According to new policy, since 2007, jiangxi saves finance to will add 20 million yuan newly every year, establish environmental protection special fund; It is during 915 " of " , arrangement is used 360 million yuan at handling the construction of the factory to have money reward to town sewage. Since 2007, province finance is pressed amount to mark actually to handle allowance of a ton of sewage in those days 0.1 yuan standard, arrangement capital gives award to construction of prefectural class sewage treatment plant. At the same time requirement province hair changes appoint order step according to legal system as soon as possible, raise town sewage disposal to collect fees the price; The requirement saves environmental protection bureau to amount to mark processing to put forward to strengthen superintendency opinion to town foul water. The reporter understands, jiangxi province government had been approved " Jiangxi saves 915 " of environmental protection " to plan " , during clear Jiangxi saves 915 " of " the main task of environmental protection, it is compose builds area zoology function to protect structural system, advance zoology protection and construction; 2 it is safety of protective water environment; 3 it is to improve quality of area ambient air; 4 it is to promote solid trash to decrease quantify, resource is changed and harmless change; 5 it is to strengthen nuclear radiation safety to superintend; 6 it is construction of ability of government of beaded finish condition.

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