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"915 " during Inner Mongolia will carry out 3 political integrity to be able to
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The reporter understands from Economic Commission of Nei Monggol Autonomous Region, for resource conservation, be controlled from fountainhead and cut down contaminant to discharge, "915 " during, inner Mongolia transforms boiler of key executive coal fired wait for 3 political integrity to be able to transform a project. According to Inner Mongolia classics appoint annulus endowment is in the introduction, "915 " during, inner Mongolia carries out boiler of coal fired industry above all (kiln furnace) transform a project. Use high grade coal in order to light through carrying out, choose lump coal, firm sulfur coal and use circular fluid-bed, fine coal to the advanced technique such as combustion is transformed or be replaced in having boiler of small coal fired. To 2010 boiler efficiency of coal fired industry increases 5 percent; Next, couplet of executive area pyroelectricity produces a project, will be in to 2010 Huhhot, Baotou, E Er is much this the area that 3 big cities and thermic load center quite, the couplet of pyroelectricity of efficient environmental protection that builds social estate of a batch of 300 thousand kilowatt produces unit; The 3rd, carry out beyond pressure, project of utilization of waste heat. As we have learned, it is those who promote energy-saving work to begin, inner Mongolia is strengthened and perfect construction of energy-saving supervisory system, built system of bulletin of index of GDP specific power consumption. Begin from 2006, municipal classics appoint, hair change appoint with statistical bureau combine every year by July announce on one year to the society the index of GDP specific power consumption of each alliance city. To building, rebuild and extend project is undertaking approve is mixed when putting on record, below the premise of contented industry policy, preferential choose energy-saving technology, technology and equipment.

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