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China nods counterpoise war industry bad news to be able to undertake special pr
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Zhang Yunchuan of chairman of committee of industry of national defence science and technology says 8 days, science and technology of Chinese national defence was versed in course of study will list in whole system 2007 30 keys bad news can large family and enterprise of 30 keys blowdown, deadline is begun fall bad news decreases a platoon special processing and supervisory examination, strict and major project is energy-saving evaluate and environmental protection evaluation, strengthen fall bad news reduces a job. The industry of national defence science and technology that Zhang Yunchuan holds in 8 days says on working conference, industry of national defence science and technology will wash out backward productivity stage by stage this year, make entire industry contaminant discharges gross and specific power consumption to achieve a country to set a requirement, unit GDP specific power consumption reduces 4 % , main contaminant discharges gross to reduce 2 % . In maintain while economy grows quickly, chinese government puts environment of resource conservation, protection in more prominent strategy place, and aggrandizement is energy-saving fall bad news and the tie that pollute the index that decrease a platoon. According to the program, arrive 5 years of 2010 from 2006 inside, unit GDP the sources of energy is used up should reduce 20 % left and right sides; Main contaminant discharges gross to reduce 10 % . Zhang Yunchuan says, industry of national defence science and technology should be strengthened advanced and energy-saving with research and development of environmental protection technology, promotion is design of integrated section report, green, clean the promotion such as production is energy-saving the advanced and applicable technology with environmental protection level, establish energy-saving as special as environmental protection craft and manufacturing technology scientific research, use mature skill stress to transform work of igneous dynamite, fire to taste, forge is cast, the high cost such as promotion of exploitation of the processing that heat up a watch, uranium can be crucial link. He says, industry of national defence science and technology will continue to consider to make construction this year resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model industrial measure, realize speed, quality and benefit photograph to coordinate hard, throw and yield to be coordinated, resource takes up, the sources of energy is used up and environmental protection photograph is coordinated. According to introducing, industry of national defence science and technology is enterprise or business 2006 unit gross earnings grows 25 % compared to the same period; Industry increases a value to grow 17 % compared to the same period; Implementation profit total exceeds 20 billion yuan, grow 50 % above compared to the same period; Company of war industry group realizes gain entirely. Conference of central economy job puts forward, want next year energetically managing energy natural resources, accelerate construction resource is managing model, model society. This since alleviates the major move with contradictory supply and demand of energy natural resources, also be reduce the pollution, important way that improves zoology environment from fountainhead, we must take seriously highly, next great strength grab this job grip is good. This year first half of the year, growth of our country specific power consumption is rapid grow at economy, unit GDP specific power consumption does not fall to rise instead, energy-saving job situation is very grim. Alleviate bottleneck of the sources of energy is restricted, it is admittedly important that leave no stone unturned increases supply, but basic outlet is to hold to development and managing develop simultaneously, energy-saving and first guiding principle, advance energetically energy-saving fall bad news, raise the sources of energy to use efficiency, abandon this to do not have other outlet. Our country population is numerous, energy natural resources is relatively insufficient, average per capita has an amount far under world average level, recoverable reserves of the rest of average per capita of coal, oil, natural gas has 58 of world average level only respectively. 6 % , 7. 69 % and 7. 05 % . Current, our country is in industrialized, town to change the important level that accelerates development again, of energy natural resources use up intensity tall, consumptive dimensions expands ceaselessly, contradiction of energy supply and demand is more and more outstanding. Henceforth, expand of dimensions further as economy, energy demand still can increase more quickly continuously.
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