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4 kinds of products such as numerical control machine tool obtain value added ta
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A few days ago, total bureau of Wu of tax of the Ministry of finance, state allots 4 announcements continuously, the value added tax that made clear logarithm to accuse machine tool, cast, forging and mould product to carry out drafts retrogressive policy first. The basis notices a provision, from January 1, 2006 ~ on December 31, 2008, right the product of numerical control machine tool that the production of company of machine tool of 70 numerical control such as Inc. of the numerical control in Wuhan China sells, and the product executes the pattern that the production of 230 patterns company such as limited company of close pattern of Xi'an Xi Guangjing sells to press a regulation to impose value added tax first, by real pay value added tax the forehead returns the way of 50% after. In addition, the is used at producing machine, machine commodity cast that casts the 263 cast enterprise such as finite liability company to produce a sale to heavy Qing Jiufang, and Guiyang gold dragon forgings the using that the production of 154 v company such as the factory sells the commodity forging at manufacturing machine, machinery, execute impose value added tax by the regulation first, by real pay value added tax the forehead returns the way of 35% after. Announcement regulation, the tax payment that afore-mentioned enterprises want to will be returned is special the technical reformation that is used at the enterprise, environmental protection, energy-saving fall bad news and the research development of this company product.

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