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Zhejiang is carried out formally new the sea area that establish uses Jin Zheng
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From Zhejiang province finance hall understands, since this year, zhejiang province is carried out formally new make " use gold of Zhejiang province maritime space imposes administrative measure " , refine a regulation to use further make over, the link such as resource of maritime space of rental, invite public bidding, auction. 2001, zhejiang province made maritime space use Jin Zheng to control government " temporary measure " . After be being revised this new " method " besides specific provision maritime space use gold includes gold of maritime space sell one's own things, maritime space to make over Jin Hehai outside region hire, still increased maritime space to use make over, of the link such as rental, invite public bidding, auction refine a regulation, to access of maritime space of sell one's own things of invite public bidding, auction, the requirement clinchs a deal by invite public bidding, on sale money paid for something purchased or received for something sold collects maritime space to use gold. New " method " cent fishery, traffic is carried, entertainment of factory, travel, marine project, reclaim land from the sea wait for 12 kinds big 27 Xiaoxiang, be opposite according to its of marine resource use means to differ, its impose a standard from 3 yuan / year · mu reach 1000 yuan / year · mu differ. New " method " rose to surround what the sea makes ground item to impose a standard considerably, highest amount to one-time collect 20 thousand yuan / mu. It is OK to be made clear except the country outside derate, project of major to using the sea, country in order to seek profits for the public facilities of the purpose construction builds a project to use the of great capacity with the sea, provincial key, and collective economy organization breeds piscatorial individual or village class to be mixed with the sea other the project that truly painful need gives policy sex derate to take care of uses the sea to wait, new " method " regulation, can decrease capture lawfully inside proper time or avoid capture maritime space to use gold.

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