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Shaanxi is saved " 915 " equipment manufacturing industry develops special progr
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Shaanxi is saved " 915 " equipment manufacturing industry develops special program

One, equipment manufacturing industry develops fundamental 
(one) development existing state of affairs and main advantage 
1, fundamental condition
"15 " , " 25 " and " 3 lines are built " period, the country is in Shaanxi layout more equipment creates a company, after passing reforming and opening transform development ceaselessly, at present my province already formed kind all ready, have quite the system of equipment manufacturing industry of dimensions and level, have a certain quantity of and the famous brand product that has stronger competition actual strength and advantage company. End by 2005, save dimensions to achieve 723 in order to make up equipment creates a company completely, from personnel of course of study nearly 400 thousand person; Total assets one hundred and forty-three billion two hundred and twenty-nine million yuan, realize gross value of industrial output in those days eighty-two billion two hundred and fifty-two million yuan, sales revenue seventy-eight billion one hundred and twenty-nine million yuan, take industry of above of complete province dimensions respectively 28.62% , 24.66% with 24.6% . Equipment manufacturing industry makes the pillar industry that I save. 
2, trade current situation and advantage 
Class of Shaanxi equipment manufacturing industry is more, have industry of a few advantages and product. The industry with stronger competition ability is: Weaponry manufacturing industry, rank the whole nation the 1st; The electron reachs communication equipment manufacturing industry, home market competition ability is ranked the 8th; Instrument appearance and culture office use mechanical manufacturing industry, rank of home market competition mixes the 5th the 6th times; Electric machine reachs equipment manufacturing industry, home market competition ability is ranked 13; Common and mechanical manufacturing industry and special equipment manufacturing industry, after although overall competition ability is ranked,leaning, but the product sales revenue that metallic cut cuts equipment of machine tool, fan, oil resides the whole nation respectively the 6th, the 5th mix the 6th. Rely on industry dominant position, shaanxi equipment manufacturing industry made the superior goods with stronger competition ability of a batch of markets, include among them: High-pressured switch be defeated change electric equipment; The engineering such as grab is mechanical; The machine tool tool such as numerical control machine tool kind product; The heavy-duty car, car such as luxurious passenger car reachs car component product; Army, engine of civil aircraft, gas turbine, spaceflight; Equipment of programmed control switching equipment, mobile, radar and satellitic navigation use a system; The computer reachs indication terminal; Coil of chromatic kinescope, deflexion and other electron yuan parts of an apparatus. 
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