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New wind system heats up the new establishment such as pump to let build more en
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New wind system heats up the new establishment such as pump to let build more energy-saving environmental protection

Increase of consciousness increasingly as masses environmental protection, a lot of building development business are in the capital in succession a variety of advanced residence establishment that have function of energy-saving environmental protection are applied among building construction, in order to achieve green structure, reduce the environmental protection goal that carbon dioxide discharges. It is reported, at present the more advanced establishment in Beijing building has source of glass of new wind system, Low-e, land to heat up pump system to wait a moment. So function of what energy-saving environmental protection do these advanced establishment have? Whether can you also learn in home of ordinary common people and be whether can you also learn in home of ordinary common people and used?

System of displacement type new wind can let room hour have fresh air at present, in Beijing very much energy-saving environmental protection is built in, used system of displacement type new wind, the action of this system is to let a building also can carry the trade of indoor air and outside fresh air below the case that need not open a window, the case that need not open air conditioning falls to also can maintain comfortable temperature.

According to sharp edge still Zhang Zaidong of president of company of international estate development introduces, system of displacement type new wind uses next sending namely the way that wind winds on wind, heat up commutative unit through an air at the same time, wind sends outlet temperature below control from beginning to end under interior space temperature 2 ℃ arrive 3 ℃ , the negative pressure function that the exit that answer wind adopts a system again indoor muddy air eduction. Arose inside such rooms from next consummate fresh air that make human body comfortable.

Promote Sun Ke of central assistant chief engineer to put the introduction according to building ministry residence industrialization, the resident of village of common and traditional residence also can install new wind system by oneself, but must want to consider two issues. The first, should consider to a string of 1 whether top space has find a place for the position of conduit is defeated by wind, because be defeated by wind conduit to want what bedding face accumulates to decorate,support in the building ministry, conduit still can have certain height, reduced floor height relatively so, should consider 20-30 commonly centimeter height. The 2nd, whether does road junction having wind stay inside consideration residence even.

Additional, very may much consumer cares the price issue that installs new wind system oneself quite. Understand in the market according to the reporter, the residence of a 100 square metre installs system of a new wind to need 10 thousand yuan or so.
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