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Pipe fitting hydraulic pressure is flexible figuration technology and the applic
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Pipe fitting hydraulic pressure is flexible figuration technology and the application that its make a field in the car


Enter 90 age, the rigid limitation of the reason as a result of fuel and raw material cost and environmental protection code to exhaust emission, make of car structure light quantify appear increasingly important. Wait like aluminium alloy and magnesium alloy besides using small system data, another when reduce weight important way is air of in order to is adopted on the structure acting fact and become sectional to wait for structural member, reprint the component that carry on one's shoulder gives priority to with bend or be being twisted to bearing namely, use hollow structure to be able to reduce weight, managing material already, can make full use of again the intensity of material and stiffness. The hydraulic pressure of pipe fitting is flexible one kind when figuration develops below such setting just about is made hollow the advanced production technology of small system component part. This technology already received extensive research and application in the developed country such as Germany, United States, be in especially the application of car domain, basically produce structure of exhaust system spare parts, batholith, frame and camshaft to wait with a future life, force of its figuration internal pressure is commonly 200 to 400Mpa, to more special spare parts, force of its figuration internal pressure can achieve 1000Mpa sometimes, this succumbs according to what place processes data the final figure of the bulging quantity that intensity, plasticity, Guan Houhe asks and spare parts asks (quantity of radius of the horn that be like a circle, bulging, allow to decrease small amount to wait) and calm. The article at this point technical principle and the application in car domain spread out discuss.

Hydraulic pressure of 1 pipe fitting is flexible figuration technology principle and its classification

Hydraulic pressure is flexible figuration principle is to pass filling makings of in-house pressurization and axial thrust augmentation to control tubal base mould antrum makes its figuration, if pursue,1 is shown. Its are basic process is: Will provide semifinished product above all 1 put in lower mould 2 inside, close next upper mould 3, use two end of the canal horizontal drift 4 and 5 sealed, make the liquid is full of inside tubal base, in the process of pressurization bulging, the drift of two end advances filling makings upcountry at the same time, be pressed inside so and make be in charge of base to stick the work that profiling is provided and figuration needs for place below the combined action of axial force.


Graph figuration of the high pressure inside the pipe fitting that 1 have axial feed

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