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Effect of play industry group " the town of hydraulic pressure machinery " Shang
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Effect of play industry group " the town of hydraulic pressure machinery " Shanghai

Be in Shanghai such metropolitan, such and such press conference it may be said has everyday, common, but rarely a news is released is by town government comes those who hold to take the lead. On May 19, guard of place of business of soup of town of Jiangsu province high post is in Shanghai the press conference that Min travel area held a concerned capital attraction. Why does a reason of little villages and towns want drag in many people to do sth to run to Shanghai to come capital attraction?
Shang Zhuang presses down be subordinate to to belong to Jiangsu to visit high post town, next administer 17 administrative village, total population 37 thousand person, market town often lives population 8300 people. Guard of soup place of business is located in high post, river, promote change 3 city boundary, it is the ground that commerce flourishs since ancient times, element has " village of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, Xi Fanchuan, small Shang Zhuang surpasses Yangzhou " beautiful praise. In recent years this town insists to be with the market oriented, it is forerunner with science and technology, it is motivation with innovation system, it is platform in order to achieve actor environment, develop common people energetically economy, civilian battalion economy and 3 produce economy, promoted the rapid development that presses down economy completely, formed the agriculture that gives priority to with thoroughbred egg chicken, special type aquatic product and cotton of high grade grain to produce pattern and the key member that with hydraulic press fittings of machinery of instrument, medical apparatus and instruments, spin reachs car a replacement, sew with long stitches to seam bed sheet, careful chemical industry to give priority to. Meanwhile, meal, content shedding, carry etc 3 produce economy to also be promoted flourishingly case.
"Whole 2005 town realizes economic gross 1.1 billion yuan, broke up one time than 2002. " this town leader says: "We reached this county to hold such conduct propaganda to recommend an activity in this city only in the past, strength is insufficient, the effect is not ideal also. Economy of whole now town had jumped a new platform, want to come true to span newly, with respect to the make an issue of on the industry that must have formed an advantage in us. Come this to Shanghai capital attraction, not be for follow the fashion, make appearance, expand whole town economy further however, do do greatly strong the inevitable requirement of our advantage industry. Do do greatly strong the inevitable requirement of our advantage industry..
On the press conference, guard of soup place of business introduced his mainly the development state of affairs of group of industry of hydraulic press tool.
Industry of hydraulic press tool is guard of soup place of business advocate make an industry, whole town has with the rising sun, whole set, electro-hydraulic predestined relationship of push rod factory, hundred is bibcock, amount to in order to arrange, Teng Da, Teng Long, Long Xin, China course of study, Shen Da, Shen Yeda, Jin Tai comes, rich amount to, very new, the rising sun, Hai Xin, Chun Ming hydraulic pressure that is a backbone, employee total number reachs 3500 people, among them advanced technology personnel many 100. Company of machinery of hydraulic pressure of guard of soup place of business achieved sales revenue in all 2005 480 million yuan, become the throughout the country's biggest hydraulic pressure machine to produce base, be known as " the town of machinery of Chinese hydraulic pressure " .
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