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Industry of our country mould continues to produce mode progress to group
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Industry of our country mould continues to produce mode progress to group

The news that knows from association of Chinese mould industry shows, chinese mould industry achieves great progress in recent years, mould trade structural adjustment and system reform pace are accelerated, main show is: The development rate that high-grade mould reachs mould standard component in large, nicety, complex, long life is rapid at general pattern product; Plastic pattern and die-casting model scale increase; Professional mould grows an amount to increase, ability rises faster; "3 endowment " reach a private enterprise development is rapid; State-owend enterprise share-holding system transforms pace to accelerate etc.

The effect that in its as mould product and technology main user industry is like the field place such as industry of product of automobile industry, information, home appliance, bldg. to develop is increasingly apparent, each district government pays close attention to the development of mould industry further, group production achieves thorough progress.

Be in China at present, quite the mould garden area of dimensions if " mould city " , " mould assemble produces base " wait to already had more than 10, in build or preparing to construct still have more than 10. Among them the investment that area of major mould garden has above of 100 million yuan of RMBs every year. And besides group production, some areas still are reached in development mould combine fictitious make, these also have a few advantages that are similar to group production.

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