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The world is industrial 2007 pump sale will be added to 31 billion dollar
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The world is industrial 2007 pump sale will be added to 31 billion dollar
Industrial 2007 the sale of pump will be added to 31 billion dollar. The whole world has many 10000 pump now kind manufacturing business, the discharge of all sorts of pump that its produce from minutely inadequacy one gallon arrives minutely 500000 much gallon differ. Among them 73% what the sale of centrifugal pump occupies total sales, the sale of membrane pump is occupied 9% , the sale of the others comes from reciprocating pump and circumgyrate pump. Be in numerous in buying property, municipal sewage treatment plant is the biggest buy the home, 2007 buy the forehead to will reach 6.8 billion dollar. It is respectively next: The industry such as municipal water supply, chemical industry, fine, electric power, oil and natural gas.

The development rate of Chinese market is the rapiddest, double be market of whole pump estate. Among them the development of electric power and sewage disposal industry will particularly swift and violent. American market takes a favourable turn those who see electronic trade to install the demand of syringe with the power plant. Syringe will make American power market increase nearly 10 percent with the demand of pump.

" market of world pump estate " the sale of market of estate of will whole pump presses single vendor to divide unlock to come. In many 10000 pump kind in the company, the sale of ITT is highest, for 1.7 billion dollar. 2002, pump sale discharges advanced 10 company is as follows: (unit: 1 1 million dollars) the place every drop, the sale of pump can decrease a lot of. If DaveyProducts platoon is in 100, its sale is 35 million dollar. Flux platoon is in 200, its sale is 15 million dollar. The average sale of company of 10000 pump estate is 2.7 million dollar.

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