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Technology of aluminium alloy die-casting and development course
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Technology of aluminium alloy die-casting and development course

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20 centuries after 90 time, die-casting industry of China obtained exclamatory making a person to develop, already developed for a burgeoning industry. Current, craft of aluminium alloy die-casting already became a car to use one of technology with the widest application in craft of aluminium alloy figuration, shape in all sorts of cars occupy in technique 49% .

Enterprise of Chinese existing die-casting is controlled 3000 times, 870 thousand tons when press cast crop to rise to 2005 from 266 thousand tons of 1995, year increase rate maintains in 20% above, among them aluminium alloy presses cast to occupy all 3/4 above that press cast crop. China presses the sort of cast product to show diversity, include lamp of stair of products of car, autocycle, communication, home appliance, hardware, dynamoelectric tool, IT, illume, staircase, toy to wait. Make the same score what develop ability with the product to rise as technical water, die-casting line of the products and applied domain are ceaseless spread is wide, model of its die-casting equipment, die-casting and die-casting craft produced tremendous change. Aluminium alloy of die-casting of die-casting aluminium alloy is thrown from 1914 since commercializing production, as the invention of the development of auto industry and cold room die casting machine, got rapid development.

Die-casting aluminium alloy is by function cent in low intensity (the Y102) that is like China and high strenth (the Y112) that is like China two kinds. At present the die-casting aluminium alloy of industrial application basically has the following old series: AL-Si, Al-Mg, Al-Si-Cu, Al-Si-Mg, Al-Si-Cu-Mg, Al-Zn. Die-casting aluminium alloy is mechanical of function rise to often accompany those who follow a foundry technology performance to reduce, die-casting makes this kind of contradictory in some way more outstanding because of the characteristic with its fast and caky high pressure, because this presses cast to be hard to have solid dissolve heat treatment commonly, this restricted die-casting aluminium alloy of mechanical function rise, although fill oxygen die-casting, true empty die-casting to wait,be to raise alloy the efficient way of mechanical function, but use extensively still have certain difficulty, so the development development of new-style die-casting aluminium alloy is undertaking all the time. The die-casting process of the die casting machine of horizontal cold room with advanced die-casting inchoate technology has a speed pressing to send metallic fluid to enter a mould only, press firing rate to spend a 2m/s of ~ having 1m. Use this kind of technology, cast interior stoma is much, the organization is loose, improve before long press for 2 class shoot, pressure shoot a process to be decomposed simply for slow fast and fast 2 phase, but rapid rate also does not cross 3m/s, what press cast to increase later is compact degree, be in slow fast and fast later the level that raised promotion of a pressure, become press slow shoot, press quickly shoot and pressure boost 3 phase, this is pressed 3 paragraphs classical namely shoot.