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Mechanical manufacturing industry- - rapid development big trend has been formed
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Mechanical manufacturing industry- - rapid development big trend has been formed

2007 1-5 month, product sales revenue and grew 29.4 % compared to the same period last year, main product sales volume (the stage is counted) grow 22.1 % . Among them the sale growth of construction crane and grab is most outstanding, in grab small dig growth faster, amount to 51 % . Sale of the automobile crane in construction crane already exceeded 8000, pedrail crane sale grew 93 % compared to the same period. Of exit growing considerably is to play the main factor that changes entire industry to grow quickly. This year 1 to May, entire industry accumulative total exports 2.967 billion dollar, grow 66.8 % compared to the same period; Import 1.993 billion dollar, grow 25.8 % compared to the same period. Among them drilling machine of crane of type of forklift of construction crane, container, stacker, tower, bulldozer, land leveler, roller, project exports growth to exceed 100 % compared to the same period. This explains adequately, transfer the big setting that revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry with China to China quickly in global manufacturing industry, drive the old tendency that mechanical industry grows quickly to had been formed.

Guo Taijun installs analyst Zhang Jincan to think exit has been the strong drive that machinery makes an industry grow, it is the important way of story of enterprise continuance growth. Exuberant product export increases domestic demand growth of export of common country saturated product is rapidder. The export growth of land leveler, fork-lift truck, roller is contributed to the industry bigger; Exuberant automobile crane, concrete pump needs to export growth inside not apparent.

Yang Zongyao of negotiable securities analyst is cast to think to make partial fractionize industry look from machinery in, project machinery industry is versed in in machinery the expression in course of study is highlighted most, 1-4 month produces amplitude to make an appointment with 40 % , list the first, main reason is " 915 " country " traffic infrastructure major project " , " new rural area builds major project " puissant pull move and product of machine of our country project begins to take door going abroad in great quantities truly, participate in international competition. Numerical control machine tool is the key that revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry and most main base, strong thrust of the country is moved make the industry is in great progress period, 1-4 month produces amplitude to make an appointment with 33 % , arrange machinist trade the 4th, and machine tool of our country high-grade numerical control is obtaining new significant breakthrough, will have very large development latent capacity henceforth. Chinese shipbuilding industry before 2015 the most hopeful make the whole world big country of the first shipbuilding, even powerful nation, forming strong challenge to the lead position of Han, day at present, amount of order of 1 quarter new vessel is successive 2007 3 months surmount powerful nation of the first shipbuilding, korea, overtaking the world the first in sending force continuously.