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Polarization of construction of informatization of small manufacturing industry
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Although medium or small system of manufacturing industry informatization has had level first, but medium or small construction of manufacturing industry informatization still is put in serious polarization problem. Advocate the civilian battalion enterprise of overseas business and foreign capital, joint ventures has battalion electron product generally higher informatization application level, and enterprise of a few civilian battalion and the enterprise informatization construction that run other industry are corresponding and inferior, formed serious polarization. This kind of problem basically has two big factors to form.

Above all, medium or small lack of talent of production enterprise informatization, outside dividing electronic industry, medium or small the issue that production enterprise uses widespread presence talent to lack to informatization. This kind of talent is in short supply phenomenon already consist in construction safeguards a talent to go up, also be aimed at at the same time go up at applying from the informatization product of personnel of course of study. A few foreign capital that take shape and joint ventures, although have taller informatization foundation to build level, but because be lacked from personnel of course of study,apply standard and cannot have effective application.

Next, informatization of civilian battalion enterprise manages a concept still thin. Be in medium or small in production industry, civilian battalion enterprise held larger share. But, the concept that informatization of leader of civilian battalion industry manages one part still very thin, a few familial model the limitation of quality of the member that civilian battalion enterprise suffers decision-maker, to informatization construction still stays in most speech business of the foundation (solid word, small well-informed with the mobile phone) receive with the basiccest Internet on, and the application that waits to supervisory system of ERP system, video conference system, video still is in blank phase.

To medium or small production enterprise, if need what have informatization concept to its truly to carry out, need operation business and systematic business give full cooperation ability solves a problem truly. Above all, systematic business should understand the demand that builds to informatization of small and medium sized business truly, make software is used simply, easily as far as possible, make enterprise can more undertake operating to the system conveniently. In the meantime, systematic business needs to increase what use to the user to groom strength. And to telegraphic operation business, telegraphic operation business is having very close connection and palm to accuse to this locality enterprise. Systematic business increases the cooperative strength with telegraphic operation business, offer the package solution of informatization management system for the enterprise jointly, bilateral joint efforts undertakes medium or small the promotion of market of manufacturing industry informatization works. V
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