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Water natural resources restricts chemical industry of coal of environmental pro
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In recent years the demand of product of Chinese the sources of energy, chemical industry appeared high speed grows, do not fall high as a result of oil price house again, coal chemical industry already had important place in domain of Chinese the sources of energy, chemical industry. The development of industry of coal chemical industry to alleviating the supply and demand of high grade energy such as Chinese oil, natural gas contradicts, stimulative iron and steel, chemical industry, light industrial the development with agriculture, produced main effect. But industry of coal chemical industry grows " wave phenomenon " created enormous pressure to environment and resource.

Shortage of water natural resources restricts development of estate of coal chemical industry

Since 2006, the country carries out effect of policy of macroscopical adjusting control to be shown gradually, high cost can the impetus that the industry exceeds constant growth gets keep within limits, coal consumes demand to add fast hasten delay, and investment of coal fixed assets is added fast too fast, in build project productivity very big. Gross of demand of coal of home of second half of the year will continue to grow 2006, but amplitude may be farther rein in, and coal produces what can grow speed to exceed coal requirement to add fast, both contradiction is increasingly outstanding.

Coal is occupied in Chinese energy production 70% . The state of natural resources of our country coal is coal capacity of total natural resources is more, but the reserves that achieves certain perambulate deepness is less, with other coal natural resources big country posture is compared, available supply is insufficient. Mix by the coal resource that can use directly produce per year 2 billion tons of coal plan, our country coal uses fixed number of year to be 90 ~ 100 years about. Still need to increase geological exploration strength, the economy that improves coal further can use resource amount. 2005, output of our country coal is 2.11 billion tons, grow 8.2% compared to the same period. Reserves of ascertain of our country coal, crop and consumption occupied world gross respectively 2004 12.6% , 35.3% with 34.4% . Accordingly, can say big country of natural resources of coal of our country since, it is big country of production and consumption, also decided our country the sources of energy is consumed and one chemical industry develops carbon at the same time will main base oneself upon at coal.

Expression basically contradicts to be in Chinese energy production in last few years, the sources of energy of industrial domain China is consumptive large family, 2003, the wastage of the sources of energy of the industry such as steely, chemical industry, building materials occupies countrywide gross 14.1% , 10.0% with 7.4% . As we have learned, it is resource scarcity, beyond the mark that our country is faced with groovy the sources of energy depend on coal and pollute serious, the sources of energy to use efficiency low problem. Capacity of resources of coal of our country average per capita, oil, natural gas is world average level only 60% , 10% with 5% . Of coal of every tons of our country standard yield 10.30% what efficiency is equivalent to Japan only, 16.8% European. Development coal chemical industry must have sufficient coal natural resources to make safeguard, if do not have,sufficient natural resources cannot support the development of course of study of coal chemical industry. Predict countrywide methanol was produced 2010 can achieve 50 million tons, need coal resource 100 million tons; And make oily project scope will exceed 3000 tons of above according to the coal that plans now, by 4 ~ 5 tons of coal make 1 ton of oil, 30 million tons are produced can calculate, need 120 million ~ 150 million tons of coal.
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