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Installation and commissioning of hydraulic systems
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The installation of the hydraulic system normally reliable operation of the hydraulic system can be an important link. First, the installer Although the hydraulic system and mechanical drive system has a lot of similarities, but the hydraulic system does have its characteristics. Trained, and experienced personnel can be installed in the hydraulic system installation. Second, the review of the hydraulic system Primarily by reviewing the design can achieve the desired objectives, the machine can achieve the action and to achieve the performance indicators. Whether the installation process may be implemented. Comprehensive understanding of the composition of the various parts of the overall design, in-depth Understanding of the role of each part. The main content of the review include the following: 1, hydraulic system design review 2, the identification of the hydraulic system schematic diagram of the reasonable 3, the level of manufacturing process evaluation system 4, check and confirm the extent of the hydraulic system of purification 5, confirm that the hydraulic system components Third, the technical preparation before installation Before installing the hydraulic system should be in accordance with the relevant technical information do the preparatory work. 1, the preparation and familiarity with technical information Hydraulic system schematics, electrical schematics, piping layout, hydraulic components, accessories, fittings and other lists and samples of relevant components, such information should be fully prepared for engineering and technical personnel and technical requirements on specific content One by one familiar with and research. 2, material preparation In accordance with the hydraulic system diagram and hydraulic parts list, check the number of hydraulic components, verify the quality of all hydraulic components. In particular, strict quality check pressure gauge, pressure gauge inspection to identify the date, time is too long for the pressure test Force re-check the table to ensure the accuracy can be *. 3, the quality inspection Hydraulic components during transport or inventory can easily be contaminated and corrosion, makes hydraulic components inventory too long in the loss of seal tightness aging, and some hydraulic components machining and assembly as poor quality so that performance can not be * Therefore, components must be strict quality checks. A) Check the quality of hydraulic components 1, various models of hydraulic components must be consistent with the component list 2, hydraulic components to identify whether the long storage time, or custody of the environment does not comply, should pay attention to the internal seals of hydraulic components of aging, if necessary, should be washable, replacement, and performance testing. 3, each adjustment screw on the hydraulic components, hand wheel adjustment, lock nut, etc. must be intact. 4, hydraulic components, seals attached to the surface quality should meet the requirements, or should be replaced. 5, the plate connecting surface connecting components are not allowed to have flaws. Install seal groove dimension precision to meet the relevant standards. 6, the tube connecting thread port connection components and activities are not allowed to have broken buckle phenomenon. 7, the connection plate valve mounting plates are not allowed to have uneven surface defects, connecting thread is broken and not allowed to live buckle phenomenon. 8, will be through the oil port plug removed, check the components inside is clean. 9, check the solenoid valve core and the appearance of quality, if exceptions are not allowed to use. 10, Annex on the hydraulic components must be complete. B) Quality Inspection of hydraulic accessories 1, the fuel tank to achieve the specified quality requirements. Fuel tank on the attachment must be complete. Boxes are not allowed to have internal corrosion, fitted inside the tank before the oil must be cleaned. 2, the recipients of the oil filter model specifications and design requirements must be the same level of recognition accuracy of the filter, the filter may be defective, not allowed to have broken screw connections, brought the annex to complete. 3, various seals appearance quality to meet the requirements, and the identification of the lead seal retention. Long period of abnormal or custody seals are not allowed to use. 4, storage quality must comply with the requirements brought accessories to complete. Identification of retention, storage of long accumulator for strict quality checks, do not meet the technical specifications and usage requirements of the accumulators are not allowed to use. 5, the air filter used to filter dust in the air, airway resistance can not be too large to ensure that atmospheric pressure inside. So the air filter should be large enough capacity through the air. C) Check the quality of pipes and fittings a) the pipe material, diameter, wall thickness and joint type specification and processing quality must meet the design requirements. b) are not allowed to use the defective pipe. The following exceptions, not allowed to use: 1, the tube, the outer surface has a significant corrosion or discoloration. 2, the tube surface crack depth of the wound over 10% of pipe wall thickness. 3, there are holes in the tube wall. 4, concave surface of the tube to tube diameter, the extent of 10% or more. c) When using the curved tube, are not allowed to use any of the following exceptions: 1, tube bending parts, the outer surface, or serrated irregular curves. 2, tube bending parts of the ellipse is greater than 10%. 3, the flat part of the minimum bending diameter of the original pipe diameter of 70% or less. d) are not allowed to use the defective joint. If the following exceptions, not allowed to use: 1, the joint body or the nut has scars, burrs, or broken buckle and so on. 2, the joint body of the joint surface does not meet the technical requirements for precision. 3, fittings and nuts with the bad, there is loose or jam phenomenon. 4, the installation of the sealing ring groove size and accuracy does not meet the technical requirements. e) hoses and fittings are not allowed to use any of the following defects: 1, the hose surface of the skin injury or aging. 2, the fittings are corrosion phenomenon. 3, thread a scars, burrs, broken buckle, and with a loose, jam phenomenon. f) flanges are not allowed to use any of the following deficiencies: 1, the flange sealing surface has pores, cracks, burrs, radial grooves. 2, flange sealing groove size, precision does not meet the design requirements. 3, flange sealing gasket are not allowed to have various defects in the metal. Hardness hardness should be less than the flange.

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