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Day establishs a company 5 ZX-3 series is small dig newest appear on the market
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Day establishs the – of fresh blood ZX70 that builds aircraft company to announced to regard Zaxis-3 series hydraulic pressure as grab a few days ago 3, – of ZX110-3, ZX120 3, and two ZX75US – that exceed small circumgyrate radius 3 with ZX135US-3 grab, share 5 new model to begin to put in the market from April.

New model satisfies Japan newest relevant discharge regulation and regulation of 3 Euramerican newest environmental protection, accord with the relevant provision of cab EOPS additionally, in order to improve facility the standard in environmental security aspect. If improved the fuel economy economy of equipment, regard standard configuration as rear monitoring establishment, improve cab to hold control an environment, and the integral performance of each domains such as the maintenance that whole improved grab, hydraulic pressure.

The sale goal that day establishs firm new model to reach overseas market in Japanese home market this year is 7500.

The main characteristic of new fund grab

1, improve basic function and low specific fuel consumption

New engine and hydraulic pressure system and improvement fuel efficiency, raise facility work to measure;

ZX70-3 and ZX75US-3 mining operation are in standard mode (below P) mode, fuel economy promoted 5%; fuel economy mode (below E) , coequal exercise quantity can reduce fuel to use up 12%;

The engine power of ZX110-3 promoted about 10% , the circumgyrate torque that power promoted the engine of ZX120-3 and ZX135US-3 to make an appointment with 4%;ZX70-3 and ZX75US-3 is more original increased 9~11 to make equipment brings to bear on in brae respectively the efficiency of exercise raises; greatly

2, the environment is friendly

Can satisfy Japan's special exhaust emission standard, satisfy 3 Europe to discharge code:

3, improve equipment wear and dependability

Walk device and upside structure use integral structure design, reduce solder contact, raise tractor dry mass and dependability.

ZX75US-3 upside automobile body uses D frame structure, raise structural tigidity considerably.

4, safety performance

Grab can satisfy EOPS* of association of Japanese construction machinery tipping standard *EOPS: Excavator ' S Operator Protective Structure

5, maintain function

ZX70 – 3 open in the round with ZX75US-3 engine cover, maintainability can be shown rise.

Buy of side of parallel of condenser of radiator, engine oil. Improved the airiness environment between condenser of radiator, engine oil.

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