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Manufacturer of project machine component: Change to also have
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The ancients cloud: "Change without calm law, stem from a heart and show at form, change to also have, art is alterable body Yi Ke changes; Know the person that change, in its soul, and clever place is, depend on nimble, depend on realizing. Nimble Ke Min at outside, of annulus content special report, of annulus content delicate, touch and can of examine. Realize can join at inside, ming Ju is in bosom, rich collects miscellaneous overgrown with weeds and Cheng Duxiu. "

The foundation that component of project machine key is development of project machine product, prop up and restrict bottleneck, after project machine develops certain level, the research of industry hi-tech basically gathers on the crucial component such as engine, hydraulic pressure, drive and control technology. Master and rely on high quality, distinctive key component becomes manufacturer people seek " one branch alone beautiful " strategic path.

Review home, the engineering is at present mechanical component manufacturer people just still encircle the ground at horse race severally, crane mussel conflicting. Though be planted in traditional engine, go up like the crucial component form a complete set such as fork-lift truck, bulldozer, use oneself dimensions and sale method, having absolutely competitive advantage; But import crucial component idiomatically on machinery of machine of shop of such as booth, concrete, the assimilation that together with is introducing technical base to go up for years is absorbed and innovate, had produced method to depend on; Class product and burgeoning and professional product are changed to go up in a few large products, tall intelligence, wait for a respect like drilling machine of bulldozer of 220 horsepower above, project, do not have competition ability; Be in especially equipment of typical cubic meter of earth -- on grab, because control technology and crucial component to make technical deficient, market share almost submissively photograph lets.

Scan widely whole world, annex of the enterprise inside course of study recombines aggravate, production is spent centrally and specialization those who produce rate is ceaseless rise, make more and more enterprises are become assemble a factory, system of engine, transmission, hydraulic pressure system, control system basically includes professional factory production. If produce the American CUMMINS company of engine, German DEULTS company, manufacturing drive German ZF company, American ALLISON company, the development such as the German REXROTH company that produces fluid casting die, American SAUER company is increasingly swift and violent; Also undertaking conformity in tycoon enterprise interior namely. If although have machinery plant of a few projects,card spy those forces a company, but motivation shifts gear transmission belongs to in company place centrally east the factory produces Piaoliya. Such, casing treatment is used extensively flexible product line, flexible the treatment that machines housing of the treatment that unit, gear cutting, planetary gear wears, clutch and gear heat treatment, all use efficient device. Crock of each factory hydraulic pressure is versed in in Juliet the factory is made centrally, drive axle is in Ao Luolan factory to make centrally.
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