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Industry of machinery of 2006 year project analyses a report (2006 the 28th peri

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One, the market summed up project machine 2006:

Industry of our country construction crane grows a few years quickly continuously, 2006 1-9 month, each economic norms and the corresponding period was compared 2005, grow with two digit: The sales revenue of entire industry grows 48 compared to the same period. 6 % ; Industry increases a value to grow 72 compared to the same period. 7 % , profit total grows 160 % compared to the same period. In product side, to statistic of manufacturer of 27 lead plane, product total sales volume (construction crane and other project machine) achieve 14029, grow 34 % compared to the same period, among them automobile crane grows 37 compared to the same period. 6 % , pedrail crane grows 97 compared to the same period. 8 % , lorry crane grows 36. 7 % .

6 years, posture of development of industry of machinery of project of our country picket is smooth, have wide market perspective. According to main to 20 picket project machine produces the data statistic of the enterprise, of all kinds 2005 picket is versed in machinery sells 3159, export 165 among them, sale amounts to one billion one hundred and twenty-seven million three hundred and eighty thousand yuan, with sale was compared four hundred and forty-four million seven hundred and eighty thousand yuan 2001, grow 2.5 4 years times.

6 years, demand of market of our country grab is hot, sales volume of accumulative total of before 3 quarters already went more than year of annual. Home is main sales volume of accumulative total of before 21 grab produce a business 3 quarters already went more than year of annual 33, level of 600 sales volume. To 2006 the end of the year, historic breakthrough closes sales volume of grab accumulative total 40 thousand times to already was become greatly finality.

In development of industry of prospective project machinery, build machine of maintain a road because equipment suffers national highway the influence of construction of construction, irrigation works, railroad, building and aviation career growth, will enter more high-speed develops level.

2, 2006 year are popular purchase keyword TOP5:

Fork-lift truck
Concrete machinery
Squeezing ramming machinery

3, project machinery industry purchased characteristic analysis 2006:


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