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Chinese steely industry is undertaking recombining conformity large-scaly

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According to CCTV message, current, chinese steely industry is undertaking new one round recombine conformity large-scaly, to accelerate the industry of steely industry structural adjustment is mixed the one step with raised product competition ability to be stridden important.

The message says, recently, the limited company of Heibei steely group that by Tang Gang group and combination of Han steel group establish hangs out his shingle formally in Shijiazhuang hold water. New Heibei steely group is produced can exceed 30 million tons, make country's at present biggest steely group.

Heibei is Chinese iron and steel the biggest province, steely enterprise amounts to more than 180. The time that Heibei plans to use 10 years or so recombines to save steely company completely, will produce can compress 80 million tons by more than 100 million current tons, solve an industry to spend competition ability of not tall, product to wait for a problem not by force centrally.

Wang Yifang of president of Heibei steely group says, after we are combined this, next keys are in of product structural adjustment, equipment upgrade, energy-saving reduce platoon and product on a few texts are made on class, the purpose is to be added be more than 2.

Begin from this year, domestic steely company buys tide as one falls. Not long ago, a few big steely companies establish steel of wide steel group, Lai and aid steel steely group of amalgamative composition Shandong, saddle steel announces to incorporate with this steel. And more recombining in planning to undertaking.

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