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The basic knowledge of hydraulic pressure technology
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The basic knowledge of hydraulic pressure technology
Hydraulic pressure technology has what application in national economy!
1, because hydraulic pressure technology has a lot of outstanding advantages, use national defence from the Republic of China, arrive by average transmission the control system with very expensive accuracy, get wide model application.
2, in machine tool industry, at present system of machine tool transmission had 85% to use fluid drive and control. Like grinder, milling machine, planer, broaching machine, compressor, cut a bed, wait with modular machine tool.
3, in metallurgical industry, sideslip of control of feed a machine of the system of electric stove control, control system of rolling mill, open-hearth furnace, converter, blast furnace control, strip and constant used hydraulic pressure technology yarn tension device.
4, in project machine, used hydraulic transmission generally, mix like scraper of bulldozer of fork-lift truck of grab, tire, automobile crane, pedrail, wheel crane, self-propelled, land leveler oscillatory type roller.
5, in agricultural machinery, use hydraulic pressure technology very extensive also, wait like He Li of combine harvester, tractor.
6, in auto industry, hydraulic pressure all used hydraulic pressure technology aerial work truck of car of type of dump of cross-country car, hydraulic pressure, hydraulic pressure and fire engine.
7, in spinning industry gently, use hydraulic pressure technology have plastic paper machine, printing machine and the machine that note model, balata vulcanization machine, spin machine.
Anyhow, all engineering fields, always have the situation of mechanical equipment, all can use hydraulic pressure technology, its foreground is very bright.

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