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Raise measure of yield of extruding aluminous material
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In aluminium and production of aluminium alloy semi-manufactured goods, extruding is one of main figuration craft, extruding product (material of profile, canal and a few wire, great ability) 30% what seize all semi-manufactured goods about. 1998, crop of aluminous semi-manufactured goods makes an appointment with 19100kt, squash among them the product is 5820kt, breed is close already 40000 kinds. Extruder of whole world aluminous material is in 5500 above, of chinese mainland in 2500 above, taiwan saves about 190. Nevertheless, the extruding force of 98% extruder exceeds industrial developed country 15MN, but the extruding force of 90% extruder of Chinese is under 15MN. The inadequacy of start working rate of extruder is a global problem, average utilization coefficient of carrying capacity is made an appointment with 65% , among them of Japan highest for 91.6% , about 70% of North America and Western Europe, of China 35% the left and right sides.

Below this kind of circumstance, the productivity that how improves extruder already became urgent matter. The measure that improves productivity is very much, if raise outfit engine level, raise the worker quality, measure that raises such catholicity such as level of management. The article is emphasized talk about a few more concrete step that how improve crop and quality.

1 advanced equipment and high quality worker are the premise that raises yield

Squash to rising for the crop of the product, the worker of advanced equipment, high quality, modern science management is having crucial effect. In many 2500 extruder that has in our country, must go up quite of international level just 25 or so, make an appointment with namely 1% , be like the 14.5MN(1600UStf of Na Ping aluminous factory. ) extruder and 25MN(2750UStf. ) the 55MN that company of group of nonferrous metal of extruder, Tianjin introduces from Italy (5500UStf. ) aluminous course of study of extruder, abundant China limited company from the United States on the west mark. Sa pauses company (SMS Sutton) introduced 21 MN2(2200/2500Ustf. ) company of aircraft of extruder, Xi'an is promoted from Japanese eaves ministry produce a company (UBE) introduced 21MN(2350Ustf. ) with 16.3MN(1800Ustf. ) extruder.

Industry of extruding of our country aluminium is in structural adjustment phase, should avoid low-level repetition to introduce with construction, the extruder that transforms value to showing some having had better transform modern Gao Shuiping extruder. New introduce extruder should contain: The computer is auxiliary squashing system (CADEX, Computer Aided DirectExtrusion) , be in action of the largest extruding force in order to make to fall during isothermal extruding, shorten as far as possible actual extruding time; Need to contain exceed careful hydraulic pressure oily filter, have the instrument of oily quality of the continuous hydraulic pressure that monitor and temperature; Show of each craft parameter with monitoring electron system PICOS(Process Information &ControlSystem); is returned due MIDIS system (administrative information and diagnose indication system, Management Information And Diagnostic Indication System) , in order to show a variety of information of each craft parameter and manufacturing situation, and give out in time to the breakdown of equipment warning and indication signal, guidance is safeguarded with the overhaul, utmost ground shortens jockey time; Etc.
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