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Of type of flange sealing surface choose
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Completely flat sealing surface: Often cooperate to compare assuasive in order to apply to operation condition with type of flat position welding (below PNg1.0) operating mode; Flange of iron of commonly used Yu Zhu or with cast-iron connective steel flange;

Protruding mesa sealing surface: It is a kind of type with the widest application, it constant with mix to solder bear the type that insert solder cooperates to use, in " of flange of " beautiful type, commonly used in PN2.0, PN5.0 and grade of partial PN10.0MPa pressure; It is in " of flange of " Europe type commonly used in grade of pressure of PN1.6, PN2.5MPa;

Roughness sealing surface: Constant with mix to solder bear insert type to cooperate to use, seldom in flange of " beautiful type use, in " Oushi flange " middling is used in grade of PN4.0, PN6.4MPa. But it does not facilitate of spacer change;

Sealing surface of tenon chamfer face: Use circumstance is the same as roughness flange;

Sealing surface of annulus chamfer face: Constant with to solder join type cooperates (not with bear insert solder to cooperate) use, basically use in high temperature, high pressure or both all taller operating mode. In flange of " beautiful type ' in, commonly used in PN10.0(part) , in grade of pressure of PN15.0, PN25.0, PN42.0MPa. In " Oushi flange " middling is used in PNl0.0, PN16.0, PN25.0, PN32.0, PN4200.

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