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Knowledge of principle of jack of jack hydraulic pressure
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Because nonexistent toothpaste is in charge of when 17 centuries, accordingly, people suspects lay mines this · Pascal (Blaise Pascal, 1623 - 1662, the scientist with famous France and philosopher) whether to advance Pascal principle, whether be in the morning everyday think hard its function.
Nevertheless, OK and affirmative is, the other effect that a lot of as quiet as the liquid pressure concern does not escape to give his attention, it is the principle of hydraulic pressure crane above all.
Very long before, engineers had used the machine of this kind of type, today, should be in a parking lot only or gas station, can see hydraulic pressure crane, use its exert the effort of a child can raise a car come. How do letting us see this kind of appliance work, try oneself make an instrument with offerring a test with.
See a picture please 2. With a canal the hand was full of two the liquid (water or oil) container rises repeatedly. Among them a container is sectional very big, another container is sectional very small, before assuming it is compared one sectional 1000 times smaller. If use a piston (A) press downward sectional small container juice area, the liquid got a pressure, the intensity of this pressure can deliver any other parts of liquid surface according to original size, also include to be in old sectional vessel of course with the piston (B) liquid surface of the contact. Intensity of pressure is equal to active force to divide with action area.
According to Pascal principle, the intensity of pressure below the intensity of pressure below piston A and piston B is equal, what the A of area ratio piston that falls as a result of piston B again falls is 1000 times bigger, should compare the active force on A in the active force above it 1000 times bigger also. Accordingly, for will 1 ton of heavy cars are raised come, the active force that wants 1 kilogram only is enough. A lot of appliance such as the jack of hydraulic brake, compressor, car, water pump profit from this one principle.
The small experiment of principle of Pascal of test and verify
Use two take out the injector of syringe needle, we can make a device of this kind of small-sized hydraulic pressure in the home.
For instance, with sectional for 5 square centimeter the thick injector that blood transfusion uses mixes sectional for 0. 5 square centimeter very small injector, use their mouth thick short pipe rises repeatedly. According to Pascal principle, of force change coefficient to be about 10. Water, will oily or other liquid fill full injector, namely the total space among two pistons, the attention eliminates bleb. The friend that asks you next squashs with big thumb one of two pistons, you squash with thumb at the same time another piston. We are OK this the argue ” of thumb of small iron of game entitle “ , perhaps call the argue of “ Pascal thumb ” . Of course, the injector with whose petty extruding, who is met effortless get victory. If you have certain creativity and the gift that make a test, the platform scale that perhaps can weigh a thing with dynamometer of a bedspring (show 3 times like the graph) , try every means goes measuring in extruding one of two pistons when (the weight used on a balance that perhaps compares the attrition muscularity between piston and injector tube wall with a weight) the pressure that brings to bear on, test and verify Pascal principle, the pressure that sees both sides is equal. Do not forget to subtract the value that be in already was put before extruding injector from inside the numerical value that measures, be equivalent to the mobile part of this one system, namely the weight that the liquid adds a piston.
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