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Performance data of small loose grab expresses PW130ES-6
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Brand: Small loose Komatsu Product model: PW130ES-6 Producing area: Home Type: Round type grab Appear on the market time: 2005
Basic parameter Overall quality (Kg) : 15110 The standard fights a look (M3) : 0.20-1.14 Rated power (HP/KW) : 82
Performance data
Main function Walk speed (Km/h) : 0-30 is the biggest traction (Kgf) : - Slewing speed (Rpm) 12 is the biggest elevate force (Kgf) : - Bucket digs force (Kg) : - standard pedrail board wide (Mm) : - Dipper digs force (Kg) : - ground connection comparing is pressed (Kg/cm2(Kpa)) : -
Engine Model: Rated rotate speed of small loose SA4D102E-1 (Rpm) : 2250 Start type style: 4 crock, straight gush, medium engine of derv of type of pressure boost of cold, turbine discharges an amount (L) : 3.92 Fuel uses up (G) : -
Hydraulic pressure system Systematic type: The system of hydraulic pressure of the type that shut a heart that contains load induction and pressure compensation a powerful person advocate pump pressure force (Kmf/cm2
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