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Shallow the common trouble removal that talks about paper cutting machine
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The door that Shanghai Shen Wei amounts to a company to be designed independently and manufactures for 780, 920, 1150, 1370, 1550, paper cutting machine of set of the SQZK of 1660mm norms, SQZX is in the principle of part of mechanical, hydraulic pressure, strong report and structure are basic and identical. Its are main the orgnaization reachs box of component of box of the component of blade holder component, worm wheel box, component that press paper, workbench component, hydraulic pressure, strong report and computer or number to show plant by around frame this a few major composition.

To make broad user can be familiar with better, the property that master and knows equipment, facilitate undertake safeguard and maintaining to equipment, we combine old practical experience according to technical data, summarize the common breakdown of a few main parts, in order to offer broad user study and reference.

, orgnaization of frame, blade holder

1. safety is sold also call an electron Dao Suo, its main effect is to because mechanical failure causes smooth knife appearance,prevent, especially buy type and inside buy type two kinds.

Safety sells every to cut into parts cut one knife must movement (namely outside the in the future when buy type safety sells next knives is retreated, when the knife picks up, extend forth; The upgrade when buy type safety sells next knives inside mentions, when the knife picks up, fall) , present product returns lock of knife of electron of type of the buy outside using besides 1860mm above norms, the others already all converted inside buy type. If press,move both hands pushbutton to make press paper implement when next pressing, safety is sold fail to back down or mention, because safety sells piston and Kong Pei to close,the reason of mechanical respect may be undeserved or be short of oil (outside buy type) ; The Dao Suo strut bar that prevents blade holder to drop and contact axis, Kong Pei closes improper (inside buy type) not agile place creates movement of as a result, can mix through proper correction lubricant solve, till be pulled with the hand,move very agile till. Electric the reason that go up can check fuse to whether burn out, safety sells coil to whether get report (dc makes an appointment with 50V) , check what the bridge inside strong report box rectifies to hand in respectively please, volts d.c. , measure safety to sell coil whether short circuit or disconnect, if be outside buy type safety is sold, the S21 that should check safety to sell device to go up (model is 831600) whether is micro-gap switch stayed in by nylon wheel load; Buy type safety is sold inside, should check a knife to lock up strut bar whether normal already restoration, fluctuation is close to switch twice (S) or micro-gap switch (N) whether act well and be in respectively, close position, check safety to sell electro-magnet itself even whether the action is quick, if safety sells electro-magnet to already got report, but still cannot suck the word that combine, so most it is safety sells electro-magnet coil bad, need changes.
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