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In what condition does brilliant brake canal issue ability to you can guide? Gui
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In what condition does brilliant brake canal issue ability to you can guide? Guide after connecting how to make it closes?

Answer: The positive pole that is in charge of when brilliant brake is positive electricity to press, cathode is negative voltage, at the same time control has the tension with prep above constant cathode extremely, (right medium or small pipe makes an appointment with 1-4 bend over) canal of Shi Jing brake can guide.

Brilliant brake canal guides after connecting, control pole is not effective, want to let brilliant brake canal end, can (1) reduce zincous tension be equal to cathode voltage or more negative than cathode voltage; (2) reduce the electric current that has shed brilliant brake canal to the holding current In that is less than this canal.

With assuming office He Yi is planted the method can make brilliant brake canal closes.

Ask: When brake of brilliant of your choose and buy provides element, are you answering what to parameter choose again?

Answer: Answering to weigh an option:

(1) Zheng Xiangfeng is worth voltage V DRM (V)

(2) retrorse block breaks V RRM of peak value voltage (V)

An eligible pipe, these two are identical.

(3) rated to I T of average electric current (A)

Afore-mentioned 3 (essence is two) the circuit requirement that accords with you, and have certain abundant amount, basic and OK.

Special to a few requirements situation considers even below a few parameter:

(4) holding current I H, with the pipe of the capacity, somes I H is small better.

(5) of pipe to pressure fall Yue Xiaoyue is good, in low voltage, want especially in the circuit of big electric current small.

(6) control pole touchs hair voltage V GT.

(7) control pole touchs I GT of hair electric current.

Hind two should not be too small, guo Xiaorong is easy cause false triggering.

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