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Technology of communication frequency control is in the application in equipment
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1, preface

1.1 sort the estate rapid development in home as content, goods shelves shed the industry of a crucial pillar in equipment to get rapid growth as content, manufacturer of domestic and international cold curved equipment and business of goods shelves production to raise the dependability with overall equipment of goods shelves cold turn, raise the quality of cold curved product and automation rate, the development of the market adaptability that enlarges goods shelves breed and new product of facilitating goods shelves studies and produce, reduce production to run cost, raise equipment operation to debug convenient sex, the breakdown that realizes concerned equipment diagnoses a function to wait oneself, manufacturer of equipment of goods shelves cold turn uses PLC to control the new technology such as frequency control of technology, communication and Electromechanical unifinication ceaselessly, with high-powered electric control the technology replaces traditional rigid structure morely, the stand-alone exercise mode that replaces dispersive independence in order to make line unifinication technology; Manufacturer of production of each goods shelves also invests in succession transform old equipment, apply more crucial technology to be technology of communication frequency control among them. And the implementation that quantifies a technology as the number of the ceaseless progress of science and technology and high accuracy, the most operation of the need in exchanging frequency control technology can use the software module of standard function to come true, and the function index of these functional software module need not be debugged alone in any moment, should make only a few simple, necessary setting can pay all use, also created a base to communicate the wide application of frequency control technology.

2, the characteristic that communicates frequency control system and its are in the application in equipment of goods shelves cold turn is characteristic

System of 2.1 communication frequency control is had and moment of force of flowing character, overload mixes the timing with dc timing same system remove dynamical quadrature to wait for an advantage greatly, start flowing, can eliminate mechanical wallop, protect mechanical equipment. Because goods shelves is cold sex of the Leng Wancheng that bends a product craft is more complex, time set power comsumption is actually big, the wave motion of function of machinery of Leng Wancheng material the deviation of linearity of open a book to read of big, coiled strip error of wave motion of uniformity of big, ply is big wait for a characteristic, the in producing production course aircrew in goods shelves product shapes bear character change is bigger, existence overload carries travel and aircrew run the moment of force that start to wait for equipment to design character greatly, production manufacturer of cold curved aircrew still uses domestic share to shed timing continuously in great quantities at present advocate transmission system, stop in the light of hydraulic pressure actually cut aircrew of type cold turn to exist advocate the high low speed of transmission system is changed, the moment of force that start capability of big, overload is strong, jockey to add decelerate with speed the characteristic such as smooth timing, system of communication frequency control has stronger adaptability, also will be henceforth equipment design is made, transformed applied current.
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