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Secondhand and mechanical equipment imports knowledge (turn)

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One, the necessity that the country strengthens management to entrance of old mechanical and electrical products:

The regulation that new mechanical and electrical products must abide by the respect such as the quality that is in a country, technology, safe, environmental protection when leave factory, accept those who be in a country to concern a section to supervise. But old Electromechanical, function of its technology parameter, safe, environmental protection all produce change, function of the safety with possible necessary short of, environmental protection. And old Electromechanical exports a nation and the old mechanical and electrical products of incorrect exit undertakes supervisory examining, because this our country is necessary to strengthen management to entrance of old mechanical and electrical products, the old Electromechanical that prevents an entrance is mixed to our country citizen, society environmental safety brings adverse effect and insecure element.

2, the administrative demand that old Electromechanical entrance may involve and legal file

1. The entrance is legal examine. If belong to an entrance legal examining old Electromechanical, should declare to mechanism of seat trade supervision examine, obtain " to connect " closing sheet, as one of documents that when declaring at customs, submit;

2. Import custom duty derate. The old Electromechanical that the foreign trader imports as investment by relevant document, can file derate tariff to local custom, obtain " derate duty to approve watch " , port ground custom is referred when the entrance declares at customs;

3. Mandatory product certification (3C attestation) . Our country is right partial product (no matter homebred still import) the requirement must be passed mandatory product certification ability is used, sale. Accordingly old mechanical and electrical products is imported, if belong to mandatory attestation catalogue item, it is OK identify inspect to the country appoint application is avoided at attestation, obtain corresponding approval document; 2 it is by professional attestation the orgnaization is undertaken detecting, obtain corresponding attestation letter. Above avoids the approval file at attestation or attestation certificate, as necessary file, port ground custom is referred when the entrance.

4. Automatic import licence. If the old mechanical and electrical products of the entrance belongs to national license or the range that automatic import licence manages, must apply import licence or automatic import licence to management department of imports and exports of mechanical and electrical products, as connect one of necessary documents when closing.

5. Examine beforehand before lading put on record. National regulation, old Electromechanical entrance must examine beforehand to the front of trade supervision mechanism handles shipment put on record. When putting on record, think like trade supervision mechanism amount is larger, concerned function is ambiguous, possible short of is legal examine standard and requirement, before be necessary to send trade supervision personnel before shipment of old Electromechanical lading, go undertaking examining beforehand, must enter the ability after examining beforehand before luggage boat to import. Think to be able to be avoided like mechanism of the trade supervision when putting on record at what examine beforehand before lading, criterion hair " avoids the nucleus to put on record at examining beforehand before lading certificate " , as when closing, necessary file refers port ground custom.
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