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Jack of dynamoelectric jack hydraulic pressure uses safe requirement

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Hydraulic pressure jack uses a requirement

Jack is one of the most commonly used tools in repairing the job, the structure is cabinet, use convenient. But the accident that if use undeserved meeting,causes a clog to collapse to fall and break human body.
Because this wants to note the following problem when use:
(1) the bottom when jack is used should be filled up level off, tough. Without smeary board in order to expand bear control an aspect, assure safety. Cannot replace board with iron plate, slide in case.
(2) have the demand when rising smooth, the examination wants to have general reason of as good as after the clog rises a bit besides, if do not have unusual situation,ability can continue to rise a top. Do not get aleatoric lengthen handle or too fierce operation.
(3) not overweighted, freeboard. When sleeve occurrence red line, make clear already achieved rated height to should stop a top to rise.
(4) when several jack work at the same time, want to have director of person specially assigned for a task, make rise to rise or drop synchronism undertakes. Photograph adjacent should prop up block between two jack, make sure interval slides in case.
(5) sealed part and pipe fittings part always should notice when use jack, must assure its on the safe side.
(6) jack does not apply to the place that has acerbity, alkaline or caustic gas.

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