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Shallow the green design that talks about hydraulic pressure system
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Shallow the green design that talks about hydraulic pressure system

1, green of hydraulic pressure system designs a principle
This design principle is to be in design of system of traditional hydraulic pressure environmental principle is brought into on the foundation of the technical principle of the basis, cost principle and ergonomics principle normally, and environmental principle park the position of first consideration. The principle that hydraulic pressure system designs can generalize as follows:
(1) resource is optimal utilization rate principle
Use shortage less or rare have raw material, search its to substitute as far as possible material, multi-purpose flotsam, more than makings or reclaim material serves as raw material; Improve the dependability of the product and service life; Reduce the sort of the material in the product as far as possible, discard at the product with benefit after reclaim effectively etc.
(2) energy loss is least principle
Use the data with good consistence as far as possible, do not use the data that reclaim hard or cannot reclaim; On the foundation that makes sure the product is durable, gift the service life with reasonable product, the energy in reducing a product to use a process hard is used up.
(3) 0 pollution principle
Be used less as far as possible or need not poisonous and harmful raw material.
(4) technology is advanced sexual principle
Optimize product function, establish in structural design " small and essence of life " design thought, same function circumstance falls, the miniaturization that carries a product as far as possible the use quantity of resource conservation, if use light qualitative data, the function with redundant purify, avoid excessive pack etc, reduce product weight; Simplify product structure, advocate " brief and beautiful " design principle, if reduce component number, facilitate already so assemble, disassemble, facilitate the classification after discarding is handled again; Use modular design, right now the product is by each function module is comprised, the assembly that is helpful for a product already, disassemble, facilitate again after discarding reclaim processing, the much breed of the product and seriation are paid attention to in designing a process; Use sound technology, simplify the product machines flow, reduce treatment process, simplify disassemble process, the join means that if be used when structural design,disassembles easily, reduce fastener dosage, avoid as far as possible ruinous disassemble means; Simplify as far as possible the product is packed and avoid to produce pollution 2 times.
(5) whole benefit is optimal principle
Consider the additional effect that the product produces to the environment, provide the information that related goods constitutes, if stuff kind reachs his,reclaim second birth function.
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