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Right choice is mechanical and sealed it is to prevent key of fluid pump leak
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Right choice is mechanical and sealed it is to prevent key of fluid pump leak

100 come for years, people uses filling a variety of a kind sealed material, make the liquid decreases ceaselessly along the outward leakage rate of main shaft from body of fluid pump case. The fluid pump that although contemporary technological process is medium,uses, still widely the sealed design with the oldest continue to use -- filling box, because its start fare is low, and the staff member place that is a factory again is familiar.

However, as a result of the relation of environmental problem, use the method with sealed filling to already cannot be accepted by people place gradually, in be aimed at contemporary technological process especially, compare general, caustic stronger liquid. Accordingly, in applying actually, with machinery sealed replace filling sealed circumstance is increasing.

Sealed main essential factor

Mechanical and sealed it is the principle that uses two planar and mutual attrition to move, achieve sealed goal. Rotate sealing surface installs the main shaft at fluid pump to go up, and fixed sealing surface installs Yu Mi to seal gland inside. Because a sealing surface is of motion, and another sealing surface is fall asleep, accordingly this kind sealed say for trends sealed.

1.The access between sealing surface;
2.Rotate the access between face and main shaft;
3.Secure the access between face and gland;
4.The access between gland and filling box.

Access of two kinds of leak uses a static state commonly after sealed, because of two parts between nonexistent opposite motion. Of this part sealed say normally for 3 sealed, its are sealed the O that material is spacer or suits with photograph of technological process liquid sealing ring.

In older sealed design, be located in rotate 2 times below the face sealed leave the gap with have certain, can move in the around on main shaft, because this is caused easily,wear away and premature invalidation. It is however in newer sealed design, 2 sealed be in static condition, because this can avoid,appear on main shaft erosion-corrosion problem.

In the normal operation of fluid pump, rotate between face and dormant face make its maintain because of the pressure that the liquid place in filling box generates in encapsulated situation, in start and stop when machine, the pressure that the pressure of filling box generates by bedspring is maintained (can be replaced even by the pressure of bedspring) .

The design with major sealed machinery uses weaker data to make rotate face, make its rotate on better dormant side attrition. Come for years, the most current combination is to use material with carbon element to regard as rotate face, make its are in pottery and porcelain moves on dormant face. This kind of material still is being used generally at present, dan Jing stops the face chooses stainless steel or harder data is made, for example carbonization tungsten or carborundum.
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