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The 3 big focal points that grinding machine of numerical control tool develops:
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Machine tool manufacturer pushs new product ceaselessly, will help tool manufacturer and factory of long grinding work raise work efficiency to mix reduce cost. The utilization rate to raise a machine tool and reduce labor cost, automation is taken seriously increasingly. The function that handles through developing software to make the machine tool widens at the same time, can be below the case with brief cycle of delivery of production lot Xiaohe, economic ground arrangement produces plan. In addition, increase machine tool power, the made demand that can get used to diversification and widen grind the norms range that makes cutting tool.
Develop the first-hand material of the trend to master tool grinding machine, the newest development tendercy to its product undertook manufacturer of partial machine tool discuss.

The purpose of automation

When tool manufactory manufactures new cutting tool, because batch is big, efficiency is so tall. But cutting tool is repaired grind a factory to do not have this kind of condition, solve efficiency problem only through automation.
The vice-president Brigham of Schuette company points out, cutting tool is repaired trouble trader and do not beg a machine tool to realize unmanned operation, but hope a handlers can attend to much stage machine tool in order to control cost. The grinding machine of tool of WU305 all-purpose type of production of this company can realize this one requirement. The characteristic of this machine tool is: (1) its software and lade the cutting tool implementation that the system allows to leave measure of type, different to differring petiole in installation is ground automatically again, include cylindrical establish milling cutter, round horn and ball head to establish getting of milling cutter, a flight of stairs with taper, and other is different the cutting tool of form of a flight of stairs of external diameter, appearance and geometrical parameter; (2) uses the SIGS grinding software of this company conformity, handlers inputs the type that be mixed by the amount of grinding cutting tool, dimension above all; Next, choose the unit operation of cargo handling that should carry out; Next, start automatic grinding program to packing the cutting tool on tray. Of workpiece assemble and unassemble automatically the system is contained inside buy type installs binder, do not take up yard ground; Driver of CNC pilot pneumatic realizes what move to installing binder to operate; The size that can change style mix to hold claw and sleeve is comfortable the cutting tool that matchs different diameter, implement measure of work of very wide range thereby assemble and unassemble.

Accuracy control

A lot of manufacturer are the intercrop when reducing an operation first goal, but additionally a few manufacturers put spare parts quality in the most significant position however (if high accuracy cutting tool is mixed medical component manufacturer) .
The application of Rollomatic company and service engineer McKahan point out, produce technical improvement as grinder, the machine tool that develops recently can make sure very strict public errand is mixed super- constant bright and clean degree. Its 6 axes GrindSmart 620XS grinder, in applying to small size (the whirl of Ø0.10mm) of diametical Ø15.875 ~ type cutting tool. This company says: 620XS machines a diameter to be the ball head of 1mm to establish milling cutter, coaxial is spent can assure to be in 2 μ of 1 ~ inside M limits. McKahan says, the tigidity with taller machine tool and advanced software realized the accurate control that moves to the machine tool, achieve high accuracy thereby. The X of the machine tool, Y and Z axis contain long grating, and wheelhead A axis contains round grating. Of grating defend oneself rate achieve 100nm. The use disappear of grating reachs the temperature effect of other drive component besides ball guide screw, linear slideway. The electric machinery of straight drive communication on ball guide screw increased connection its are dynamic and characteristic, jacket of runner shaft coming back has the drive system that eliminates gap. Additional, this machine tool contains a fluid pressure type portable and programmable stabilizes bracket, the fine tuning function with distinctive bracket is OK better bearing workpiece, make bending decreases to improve quality thereby. This kind of distinctive workpiece centering of this machine tool and clip hold a function to make it can the cutting tool with particularly long grinding, grow diameter comparing to be able to amount to 100:1.
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