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Mesh type filter applies mediumly in industrial circulation cooling water
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Mesh type filter applies mediumly in industrial circulation cooling water

Summary: Introduced gravitational type not to have the working principle of filter of a powerful person and mesh type filter and characteristic, pass an analysis to make clear quite: Send  anxious  to be like firewood of Gou  smile to call on  ⒔ flatters Nai bears? of an ancient nationality in China to be worth to popularize.
Keyword: Circular water; does not have the graph in filter of type of mesh of; of filter of a powerful person to classify date: Make rich label of document of?51.8 5   piles up: ?1004 7050(2007)01 of Qin of bittern of dysentery ∥ angry
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Mix inside cooling tower in use process of industrial circulation cooling water air is contacted adequately, the much dirt in absorbing air, silt and microbial, make systematic sticky mud increases, affect heat exchange result of the system. To reduce systematic sticky mud, use gravitational type not to have filter of a powerful person normally (by filter device) come filter drops matter of among them partial in suspension. Although gravitational type does not have filter of a powerful person to have a structure to simple, operation goes to the lavatory and work to wait for an advantage reliably, but existence displacement is big, clear the defect such as arenaceous inconvenience [1] . Use mesh type filter to filter circular water is OK better land overcomes afore-mentioned weakness, this one new-style filter is getting applied stage by stage.
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The working principle that type does not have filter of a powerful person and characteristic gravity type filter without filter of a powerful person the 2% ~ that the quantity is total circulation water to measure commonly 5% , into water turbidity the requirement is less than 20 m g / L, sketch map is shown 1 times like the graph. Filter raw water enters perch to match cistern first (often press) , via U form the canal enters rainbow suction to rise a canal, again by inside cloth water fender is even ground cloth water expects at filter the layer is medium, water from above to below filters through filter makings layer, filter water matchs water system all to enter catchment from obstruction implement hind, through connecting canal flow to rinse cistern -- , give cistern, when water level rises to the horn opening that gives conduit, the clear water after filtering flows into circular cistern.
When filter strong investment moves, filter expects the layer is cleaner, hydraulic loss is small. After moving period of time, the impurity in filter makings layer is progressively grow in quantity, hydraulic loss increases subsequently, rainbow suction rises the water level in the canal to lift slowly. When the water level in rising a canal when rainbow suction lifts siphon assists tubal nozzle, water flows at high speed from inside auxiliary canal, the nip that relies on current is enraged and bring shoot action, through bleed the canal takes away the air in siphon ceaselessly, make siphon forms vacuum, the in rising a canal water on siphon abundantly crosses a canal to support, edge siphon drops the canal falls, began to rinse a process instead at this moment. The water course that rinses cistern connects canal, gathering ground and system matching water from fall and go up rinse filter makings layer, after rinsing liquid waste to flow into catchment well through siphon, flow to conduit. In rinsing a process, the water level of cistern drops gradually, drop to be destroyed to siphon when water level implement when predestined relationship mouth is the following, air destroys a canal quickly to enter a system from siphon, siphon is destroyed namely, rinse process end, filter to begin afresh. Recoil washs time to make an appointment with n of 5 m i , the quantity drinking water in rinsing water quantity to add recoil to wash a process to flush the quantity putting water of cistern instead every time.
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