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Numerical control equipment maintains example
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Article author carries the contact that waits for much branch many sided in development of equipment maintenance, technology, production and work, be maintained in old equipment and learn ceaselessly in equipment management job be used to and accumulate much working experience, do on the method that with respect to machine tool of widespread presence numerical control electric equipment maintains and practice analyse elaborate.

One, the knowledge of care and maintenance of numerical control equipment

Numerical control equipment is degree of a kind of automation taller, the advanced treatment equipment with more sophisticated structure, it is the key of the enterprise, crucial equipment. What should produce numerical control equipment is cost-effective, must be operated correctly and elaborate maintenance, ability assures the utilization rate of equipment. Correct operation is used can prevent machine tool blame to wear away normally, avoid to break out breakdown; Had done daily care and maintenance, can make equipment holds good technical position, delay deterioration progress, discover in time and eliminate breakdown hidden danger, make sure safety moves thereby.

1, numerical control equipment is used in the problem that should note

The use environment of equipment of 1.1 numerical control
To improve the service life of numerical control equipment, general requirement should avoid the direct illuminate of sunshine and other heat radiation, should avoid too damp, dust overmuch or have the place that corrodes gas. Corrode gas to make electronic component is corroded metamorphism easily, cause a contact undesirable or the short circuit between component, those who affect facility is normal move. Equipment of rigid numerical control should be far from the facility with large vibration, wait like equipment of punching machine, v.

1.2 power source ask
Fluctuate to avoid power source range is big (be more than ± 10% ) disturb the influence such as signal with likely instant, numerical control equipment uses power supply of special railway line commonly (if divide a road to be used for numerical control machine tool alone from low-pressure distribution room) or add stabilized voltage device to wait, can reduce the influence of power supply quality and electric interference.

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