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Hunan person is in Chongqing - rolled steel changes gold
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Hunan person does rolled steel business in Chongqing very fierce. Occupy Chongqing about the 30 % of market of whole rolled steel, hunan person does rolled steel business to have skill, nevertheless they express to want to learn business of short for Zhejiang Province to hold a group in the arms to make the world.

On December 6 in the evening, boreal bank wine shop of Lu Qiaobin building.

Ten Hunan businessmen assemble in, drinking the alcohol of Hunan place at the same time, discussing to will be held at was being controlled on December 25 at the same time " Chongqing holds water 20 years in party of public figure of change Hunan record " how should hold do. Speak of the place of become enamoured, chongqing

Wu Jiyan of chairman of city Hunan chamber of commerce offers on banquet, later the opportunity must hold the great party of person of a Hunan again in Chongqing, when arriving, should invite distributing to attend together in the Hunan businessman of countrywide each district.

Sell rolled steel one year to enter Zhang 2 billion

Li Mengheng of vice-chairman of chamber of commerce of Chongqing city Hunan says: "Although very few now somebody mentions,Hunan business is helped, but the actual strength that Hunan business helps inferiors to be helped at other business not at all, other business side lives by force still even in certain domain. Other business side lives by force still even in certain domain..

Assistant of chairman of Hunan chamber of commerce, Chongqing Liu Wei of general manager of sporting goods limited company expresses abstruse coronal, look from substantially, rolled steel business is Hunan person is in the business with the biggest Chongqing, for instance market of plank of Home Ma cliff, the management of 80%% door it is Hunan person.

According to statistic of Hunan chamber of commerce, be in at present Chongqing each big steely market, be like market of rolled steel of market of grand Xin rolled steel, big crossing, the businessman of 30 % comes from Hunan, turnover of a year is in business of rolled steel of this group of Hunan about 2 billion the left and right sides, occupy Chongqing the 30 % left and right sides of share of market of whole rolled steel.

VBusiness of study short for Zhejiang Province holds a group in the arms to make the world

It is reported, the hair family history of business of these Hunan rolled steel is as follows mostly: It is to serve as the some steel ironworks of Hunan to be stationed in Chongqing to handle affairs first the delegate of the orgnaization extends business in Chongqing, find new job again next come out housekeep. At present these Hunan businessmen build rolled steel to give priority to with the sale in Chongqing, return at the same time to Chongqing rub the side sells rolled steel.

"We these Hunan businessmen must follow times progress, cannot again singles is fought alone, want to learn Zhejiang businessman to hold a group in the arms to make the world. " go up in banquet, five afterwards delays this talk, be present everybody nods saying is.
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