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This small doing poineering work should pay attention to " hang "
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Take the market opportunely scotoma

Business with a small capital person if passivity drifts with the tide, the likelihood always does not have the day that come forward. Actually, economy developeds more, the society progresses more, the demand of people is refined more. In fact, there is big company to be too busy certainly between big market the aperture market of attend to, it suits business with a small capital very much. Accordingly, small investor should jump out the thinking mode of inherent, narrow, aggrandizement, from more long-term spatio-temporal on hold the market to run the rule, thorough research consumes demand, develop a new style or a new method of one's own, devote oneself to to manage a person not to have me some commodity and service, take market blind spot opportunely.

If manage as additional as form a complete set of warehouse commodity photograph, photograph commodity; In 360 besides open up brushs Xian, receive send the new industry such as the service and novelty special shop, night fair is waited a moment, provide mutiple level convenience service for consumer.

Do not see gain too again

Common saying says: "3 minutes of benefit are satiate meal, hungry the dead of 7 minutes of benefit. " gain is meager, but the advantage is formed easily on the price, rely on sales volume to prevail thereby will offset the loss that causes on the price. Capital of business with a small capital is quite finite, most be afraid of cause merchandise keep long in stock, capital does not turn, make dead money, the package carries on the back heavier more, influence next manage, form vicious circle. Small profits but quick turnover uses up conduit manage to understand, it is business with a small capital however person the management guiding principle of the easiest negligence. Fraudulent action reflects the character on the market to go up in body of small company, small small retailer more, kill a person finally again oneself, make short-lived trade.

Want additional service

Businessman for sales promotion, some hits price war to take the route of small profits but quick turnover, some returns ticket to client beneficence, some gets lottery get one's own back, some influence that lend media advertise greatly, rack one's brains in scheming of it may be said thinks way, but results of these common sales promotion measure often are not too good. Management kitchen has the business poplar boss, thought up " buy kitchen to provide send bridal kinescope freely " the unexpected tricky move that this takes a settle or live in a strange place, attracted a lot of newlywed to come to buy for a short while, the business is gotten than be the same as be merciful much.

Offer advantage for the client

The run of already of big look forward to with abundant capital is serious " defend " , the do business in a small way of dicker is serious " go " . The company with rich capital, can pass each big media releases sales promotion advertisement, use the commodity kimono Wu of the management environment with superior oneself, complete form a complete set, wait for a client to come actively. Business with a small capital person what manage commonly is daily articles for daily use, establish stable connection easily with the client, because this flow is sold,with deliver goods the means that come often can cater to the client's demand more.
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