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Arrive from the doctor trafficker, fun is boundless!
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Ever was the young doctor of a stand aloof from the worldly affairs, in fulfil one's duty responsible white garment career after 4 years, because do not like step-by-step time, those who turn to be engaged in medicines and chemical reagents all right is wholesale and retail the business with the representative, after doing drug business of a few years, career little is done, the heart also can be disturbed cent rise.

This paragraph of day, always considering what how do diversity to manage, because of family from pursue handicraft production and foreign trade trade in Zhejiang namely at the beginning, and the business also accomplished abroad by home, although previously two people are to adopt each does things in his own way, the principle of each other be indifferent to sth, respective business is thriving, arriving also is everyone is happy.

But, after the competition of this medicine industry that is engaged in as me is increasingly intense, and pass effort of these a few years, corresponding person arteries and veins and channel already matting gets each shining more brilliantly in the other's company, so, arriving is to be able to unlock a hand to make the personnel below goes operating OK, do not need me to worry about, at leisure of readily take the opportunity to.

At this moment family is not able to bear or endure two ground live, begin to allow the trade that I trade together, make an on-the-spot investigation in the course and after balance advantages and disadvantages, feeling to do the trade that finishs with the net on the net to arrive also is a new way, although had not done these, but, it all depends on human effort. , tickler is not had originally on the world, be afraid of a person with high aspirations and determination only.

So, begin hard to study a few basic knowledge of the commerce on the net, trying to begin to receive a few order of home and abroad, depending on him English the strength of 6 class, with the advantage that is good at communicating, arriving is more or less the order that received the friend on a few nets, more the bill that lets me feel happy is to still receive a Nigeria, come so, I began strong interest to the commerce on the net, at this moment I just know, original deal still need not be used go out can make it.

Plaint the network is infinite, however contain is worn boundless fortune, a small computer, fine fine reticle, it is the business chance of connective world each district however, be in happy, can't help pondering deeply, each industry, have its inherent characteristic.

V and we are businessmen, first responsibility of the businessman, not be how to make money above all, touch the trade of him place sortie however fully, just be deal wins an increase for oneself next, choose what profession as to us, the knowledge that learns by us does not decide, need us to realize this industry however give some of reason.
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