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How to become a governor that there is effect?
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What is the duty of controller? This is a problem.

In the eye of a lot of people, controller is a kind of post, exercise manages obligation. Think controller is a kind of position even, mean greater power, better treatment and higher position, come out oneself with employee depart, stand high above the masses. Actually I do not think so.

Administrative foundation comes from employee. Nonexistent without employee managing. Be employee forms an organic organization, the organization appeared, management just should carry and come. Accordingly, in right government, administrative premise has stuff namely, is not administrator labour.

How to have stuff? Apparently a lot of controller did not think of this. Because,the occurrence of administrative difficulty is controller and by the contradiction between controller. The person's disposition and habit, and psychology is different, include action move to also have difference each. Those who serve as a society is individual for, need more individual character; But, organize as for, need to integrate individual character constituent regulation under this big frame. Accordingly, in day-to-day work, unavoidable meeting produces misunderstanding, jealousy, attrition, contradiction, abominable what can become a kind of extreme misery to not allow is contrary. This exists in any enterprises almost, also be any enterprises need pressing solve.

Have stuff, it is a kind of excellent management art actually. Regard employee as partner, such state of mind must have. Be in a lot of enterprises, the resource with often regard client relation, government concern as the most important, disregarded stuff instead this the greatest in-house natural resources. Employee is the person that the enterprise runs the specific practice of behavior not only, loading the manufacturing segment of concern company lifeblood, any negligence causes tremendous harm possibly. Accordingly, he is interest relative not only, still be an enterprise the associate of long-term development. Regard employee as truly only companionate, just may take seriously truly and respect employee, just may pull close the psychological distance between each other.

And to an enterprise, the most important perhaps be not technology, product, brand to wait, however the artistic appreciation of this company staff, they are deciding the culture value orientaton of this enterprise. Although, the formation of company culture needs controller to guide, will foster, but, still want employee finally to be able to be comprehended truly, become a kind of understanding and self-identity. Should do such, want to avoid culture to make the outer garment of a formalism, must establish companionate relationship with employee, must make employee true ground be in harmony arrives in the enterprise. Had better be in culture mentally be in harmony is an organic whole.

The duty of controller is not management actually, keep normal movement of the organization however, straighten complex employee relation, establish employee and business communication, communicate the psychological channel with self-identity. Of course, to controller, this is a more difficult question, because be in China,thought of this official standard compares serious, experience for the country that culture of system of several chiliad grade edifies, want to break through the thought of government-owned standard truly, should forget truly " management " the explicit meaning of this vocabulary, not be so easy thing. But, management is the art of a kind of practice, it must offer better means of settlement artisticly for the management of the enterprise, the good moving convoy that is an enterprise, accordingly, need beard and hair moves faculty to try hard for such real cause. Also accordingly, the genuine liability of controller turns everyone into governor namely, these countless controller constituted the administrative action that contemporary company organizes and effect.
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