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Does with adversary collaboration earn the first pail of gold of life?
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The word says I and proprietress drop gift bid to Beijing, did not think of outstanding also cast in contest, with outstanding a few contact, the business consciousness of lukewarm city person is more agile, of the Jew that no wonder has China say. We are person of the same trades, the brand that operating likewise, different is outstanding it is oneself operate oneself brand, I am to replace others to operate brand. Respecting operates brand, our topic is to dash along more, finally outstanding said with me however so: "Tong Ren, cooperate with me, earn the first pail of gold of your life. Earn the first pail of gold of your life..

I am to be stupefied first, look at the expression that I indissoluble, outstanding continue to say: "Tong Ren, your ability can operate completely oneself brand, why are you still replacing others to create a brand to now? That is the first pail of your gold without you. Be equal to all things all to owe east wind only fully without capital, your again great skill also cannot extend your space. do you want to continue to make money for others reach die? Do not want to have oneself brand and cause? Do not want to have oneself brand and cause??

I am carrying the beverage on the table, was like what break somewhat to suck, look again outstanding, what I am smiling to break each other is calm, outstanding see me just smile but save one's breath, continue to say downward: "Tong Ren, this you accompany a proprietress to come to Beijing bid, it is among them sample, clear that with makings and price you affirm, you want to tell me your style and price only, in still having the person of the same trade that you know, attend bid company place casts sample to reach probably the price tells me, want me to win the bid only do I give you 100 thousand how? Want me to win the bid only do I give you 100 thousand how??

I still am shaking the cup in my hand is smiling, sometimes silent think with respect to the delegate, also do not know how to speak of on behalf of some words, the smile can mask the awkwardness between each other, outstanding continue to say: "Likelihood the amount of 100 thousand is not much, but to what do poineering work first for OK also, what is more,the rather that this does not need you to lose the job to exchange, you still still can be in former company obtain employment, you do not say I did not say not to affect you at all now the position of the company. What is more,the rather that you follow ROSE or good friend, I also have profit successfully to ROSE, we cooperate is the thing of everyone is happy, be? " outstanding had extended a cup to follow my cheers.

V encounters this kind of circumstance or first time, the manager that travels together previously looks for me to chat is to want me to find new job, this outstanding the first pail of gold that I sell company secret to earn life, ah! I do not know how to reply at a draught outstanding if, still smiling to take a fancy to the cup in my hand then.
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